10 Best Kid Cameras

Stimulate your child’s creative side with photography

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Love of photography is not limited to age or gender. If your kid is showing an interest in photography you need to be encouraging them to show off their creative side. Buying them one of the best kid cameras in the industry is a great way to help them develop their skills, but it can also be overwhelming especially if you know nothing about cameras. Keep reading to discover our tips for buying the best kid cameras and what we feel are the top 10 best kid cameras for 2018.

Choosing the best kids camera

Not all cameras are created equal. Just like not all kids will have the same level of interest in photography. When choosing the best kid cameras you need to keep a few factors in mind.


Some cameras are ideal for children ages three and up, while others should only be used with older children or even teenagers. A good rule to follow with kids is the younger they are the bigger the camera. Durability also needs to be taken into account; younger children tend to drop things so you want something that can stand up to the age of the kids and their intended use. With younger children the easier the camera is to use the better. Older kids, especially if they are interested in photography, can use a more advanced camera as it offers more features.

Level of interest

How interested your child is in photography helps determine what kind of camera you should buy. Kids that are mildly interested in it will be happy with a basic camera that offers basic functions. Kids who view photography as a serious hobby will not be quite as happy with a basic camera. They will need something a little more advanced, something that takes high-quality pictures and offers a variety of features and accessories.

Intended Use

What your child plans to use the camera for plays a big role in what kind of camera you end up buying. If your child plans to do a lot of outdoor photography you are going to need something that can withstand the various elements. If your child simply just wants to take pictures of random things to share with their friends or family a basic camera will work.

Polaroid or Digital

As with adult cameras, you have the choice between Polaroid and digital for the best kid cameras. What one you should get will really depend on your child and what they enjoy. With a digital camera, you can find cameras with more features and benefits. You can take and delete as many pictures as needed until your child gets the ones they are happy with. With digital cameras, you no longer have to worry about wasting film. A Polaroid camera offers your kids a picture they can see, feel, and share with others. Instant pictures on printed paper allow your kids to review what they have just taken, which can be a great learning tool. As Polaroid cameras require film you cannot take and delete pictures like you can with a digital camera.

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ProductPhotoPriceFeaturesOur Ratings
VTech Kidizoom DUO Selfie Camera$$Can shoot videos, 2 lens, voice recording, 2 inch backscreen
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera$$Instant printed pictures, flashing LED light, comes in several colors, easy to use
NICAM 4K WiFi Camera-Editor's Choice$$$WiFi connectivity, waterproof, wide angle lens, rechargeable, durable
Sony DSCW800/B$$$Panorama view, image stabilization, point and shoot ability, Easy Mode
Laugh & Learn Click 'n Learn Camera$Toy camera, lights up, plays music, makes realistic sound
VTech Kidizoom Selfie Cam$$Selfie stick, image enhancing software, built-in games, rotating lens
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera$$Built for young children, image display screen, 4x digital zoom, can store hundreds of pictures
VTech Kidizoom Action Cam $$Waterproof, special effects can be added, pictures and videos, durable
Kidizoom Camera Pix$$Downloadable image editing software, video recording, voice changing effects, easy to operate
GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition$$$$8 hours of videos, can be controlled with a mobile device, waterproof, touchscreen display

VTech Kidizoom DUO

The VTech Kidizoom DUO is a durable and fun camera that your child will find is always ready for action. The DUO features two lenses with a dedicated lens switching button. The purpose of the two lenses is to give your child the chance to perfect their selfies and to experience the fun of regular photography.  The 2.4-inch display allows kids to instantly view the images they captured. The DUO has 256MB of built-in memory and the option to add a 32GB microSD card for more.

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