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15 Smartwatches, Analog, Digital – We’ve Got It Covered For You!

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I was seven years old when I had my first watch. The moment my uncle handed me that colorful, faux leather-strapped, analog watch as a gift felt like my passage to adulthood. After all, the timepiece was very similar to what my parents wore. But, my happiness was short-lived. The watch broke down after only a week (due to my “extreme” childhood lifestyle). Nevertheless, it started my fascination for timepieces.

The newer generation doesn’t see wristwatches as a necessary accessory. Why feel the need to wear one when there are phones? On the other side of the coin though, many people (including me!) still believe that watches are worth wearing. In fact, there are many benefits to it.

If you’re one of us, pass on your love and appreciation for watches to your kids. Whether analog, digital or the more modern smartwatch, below are the fifteen best watches for kids within the 5-18 age bracket! Read on and check them out.

Note: There are three Editor’s Choices as we picked one for each watch type.

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesRating
Timex Elastic Fabric-Strapped Analog Watches For Boys and Girls$$An analog watch suitable for 5 to 12-year-old kids with hours' and minutes" numbers and hand indicators for easy time telling. (Available in other designs and colors)
Flik Flak Nylon-Strapped Space Dreamer Unisex Watch$$$A watch for kids and tweens who love and are fascinated with the space and its marvels.
Lego Buildable Analog Watch (Batman)$$A build-able watch that will catch the interest of every kid (younger and older ones) who love to tinker things. (Available in other superhero figures)
Disney Kids' Time Teacher Analog Watch$$Perfect for kids who are still learning to tell time, this analog watch comes in different hues and Disney characters to cater to every gender.
Timex Kids' My First Outdoor Watch **EDITOR'S CHOICE**$$This analog watch is great for kids, tweens, and teens because of its classic look.
Nicerio Waterproof Dual-Time Wristwatch (Unisex) **Editor's Choice**$$A modern-looking digital watch that's made for younger and older kids. But adults love its design and functionality, too.
Misskt Waterproof/Outdoor Digital Kids' Watch (Unisex)$$This digital watch is great for all sexes (as it comes in various color combinations) and best suited for those who love water-related activities as it's waterproof.
Marvel Kids' The Avengers Digital Watch$Cool-looking but very affordable digital watch that features The Avengers and other Marvel and DC Comics' characters.
SKNBC Waterproof Sportswatch For Kids$$A waterproof digital sports watch (it comes in different color combos) great for younger and older kids, even teens.
CdyBox Unisex Silicone Digital Sport Watches$A simple LED sports watch suited for all ages! You get 10 digital watches (in different-colored silicone bands) for the price of 1.
Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch (Unisex)$$$$A smartwatch that's filled with games and activities for kids aged 6 to 8.
Orbo Kids Bluetooth-Capable Smartwatch With Rotating Camera$$$$A smartwatch perfectly suited for little ones with ages ranging from 5-8. Features include interactive games, activities and phone-answering capabilities.
GreaSmart Kids Smartwatch **Editor's Choice**$$$The best smartwatch in the list - comes with GPS tracker, camera, games, activities, alarm, flashlight, remote monitoring and a classroom mode so kids won't get distracted when ins school.
SZBXD Waterproof Kids Smartwatch$$$$The only waterproof smartwatch in the list. However, it's also the priciest.
Caref GPS Phone Watch$$$A GPS-enabled smartwatch capable of receiving/making calls, receiving texts or making SOS calls/messages.

The 5 Best Analog Watches For Kids

Analog watches tell time the old-fashioned way. But as much as they are classics, manufacturers found a way to fit them in our modern times. They come in different styles, designs, and even hues to cater to the people of all walks of life including our mini-mes. Below are five of the finest analog watches for kids, tweens, and teens.

Timex Elastic Fabric-Strapped Analog Watches For Boys

Timex Boys TW7C13500 Time Machines Blue Sharks Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

And For Girls



The watch is best for kids ages 5 to 12.

They come in styles and colors for both boys and girls, so there are a lot for you to pick from.

The faces are easy to read, and the hands have hour/minute indicators – perfect for teaching younger kids the art of telling time

They’re water-resistant and made by a trusted watch company.


Though they’re water-resistant, the watches can’t be submerged in water for long. They’re not suitable for bathing or swimming.


Flik Flak Nylon-Strapped Space Dreamer Unisex Watch






The watch is unisex and is suitable for boys and girls fascinated with the outer space, aliens and stuff.

Features the hours’ and the minutes’ numbers so time is easily readable. It’s a great watch for teaching kids how to tell time.

It’s shock-resistant, is machine washable and BPA-free.

It has a glow-in-the-dark feature that kids will surely love.


The watch isn’t resistant to water.

A little pricey compared to other kids’ watches.



Lego Buildable Analog Watch (Batman)



This watch doesn’t just teach kids that time is important. It also imparts the lesson of feeling accomplished and contented after building something awesome like making his/her own watch!
Kids who love playing with Legos will find this watch interesting.
The watch is buildable as the links are interchangeable. Your child can expand or shrink the straps according to his/her liking and fit.
Easy-to-read face
Scratch and water resistant
Comes in other superhero figures
The straps could fall off or break easily.
There are no minutes’ numbers. Telling the minutes could be harder for kids who are still learning time-telling.

Disney Kids’ Time Teacher Analog Watch






Recommended for kids ages 5-7 years old

Great for those who are still learning to read time.

Easy-to-read face with minutes’ numbers and hand indicators

The watch comes in different colors and Disney characters that cater to boys and girls


Watch’s band is made of plastic without any BPA-free indication

Water-resistant but not suitable for swimming

Timex Kids’ My First Outdoor Watch **EDITOR’S CHOICE**





Classic look; goes well with older kids/teens and could be unisex

Easy-to-read face with minutes’ numbers for those who are still learning to read time

Water-resistant (up to 30 meters) and sturdy

The strap is adjustable, washable and is fast-wrap making putting it on easy


Not waterproof, so it’s unsuitable for water submersion

Newer versions of the watch don’t have the backlight feature

The 5 Best Digital Watches For Kids

Most digital watches are geared towards those who enjoy being active, adventurous, and love the outdoors. The digital watches that made it to this list all have these common factors:

  • Readability – are the numbers visible or readable even in the dark?
  • Durability – can they withstand activity?
  • Add-ons – what other features do they have? Are they waterproof, shock-proof, and resistant to other things beyond the normal wear and tear?
  • Price – of course, we want to give our kids the best. But we also have to remember that kids act their age. Most still don’t have that sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of their things. So, we want something that would look good and offers modest add-ons yet comes at a cringe-free price.

Nicerio Waterproof Dual-Time Wristwatch (Unisex) **Editor’s Choice**


Dual-time – both an analog and a digital watch

Features include week/date displays, backlight, alarm, horuly chime and stopwatch

Suited for outdoor use; perfect for young or older kids (and even adults!) who love being active and going on outdoor adventures

Water-resistant (up to 50 meters)


Not waterproof, therefore, it isn’t suited for shower, swimming, and diving

Buttons should not be operated when in water

Misskt Waterproof/Outdoor Digital Kids’ Watch (Unisex)




Kids ranging from 6 to 15 years old will find this watch cool

Comes in three different colors – red-blue combo, black, and blue

Is waterproof, so you can wear it even when swimming

Time is presented in a digital format (easy to read) with date display


The wearer is advised not to operate the watch when in water. Doing so would shorten its longevity

Marvel Kids’ The Avengers Digital Watch


Arguably the cheapest watch in this list

Suited for kids as young as 5; characters printed on the watch are very known as the Avengers movies are quite popular these recent years

The time display is easily readable as the numbers (in red) stand out from the background

Comes in different Marvel and DC Comics’ characters, too (Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, and the likes)


Not water-resistant

Not very durable with buyers commenting about how you get what you paid for

SKNBC Waterproof Sportswatch For Kids



Suitable for kids as young as 6. However, older ones and teens will still find it great to use

Comes in four variants – pink, black-blue, black-yellow, and black-red combos

Perfect for kids, tweens or teens who are active, adventurous and are into sports

Durable, shock and scratch-resistant as well as waterproof

Easily readable numbers with a light-up feature

Other watch characteristics include day display, alarm, stopwatch and the choice between the 12 or 24-hour formats


Some buyers said they find the watch difficult to set up



CdyBox Unisex Silicone Digital Sport Watches



LED digital watch with a stopwatch feature

Perfect for kids, teens, and even adults.

Meant for those who enjoy sports or have active lifestyles

Bought as a bundle (10 watches per purchase in various colors), so the whole family can sport the same watch, just in different hues

Very affordable


The strap holes are bigger than the button locks that one buyer had to use a hot blow dryer to shrink hers so the watch won’t come off

The 5 Best Smartwatches For Kids

Smartwatches are recent inventions; their birth came with the advent of smartphones. As a parent, I’m not a fan of these types of watches preferring digital and even analog timepieces to give to my kids. However, a few benefits both parents and the children can get from smartwatches are:

  • The Entertainment factor – some smartwatches are loaded with games to entertain the young ones without having had to dish out the smartphone or other gadgets.
  • Emergency calls – some of these wrist gadgets have the capability to call guardians or people closest to them in light of emergency situations.

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch (Unisex)




Best for kids who are 6 to 8 years old

A games and activities-centered smartwatch – perfect entertainment gadget

Has the capability to take pictures and videos as well as record audios

Analog/digital watch-capable with calendar and calculator add-ons



No GPS tracker

Not waterproof, meaning, the wearer can’t submerge it in water

Orbo Kids Bluetooth-Capable Smartwatch With Rotating Camera

Orbo Kids Bluetooth Phone Pairing Smartwatch with Rotating Camera, Blue


Suitable for kids as young as 5 up to 8 years old

Teaches little ones how to read time

Loaded with interactive games and activities

Can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth with phone-answering capabilities

Has a rotating camera for pictures and videos


No GPS tracker

Can’t make calls, only receive them

GreaSmart Kids Smartwatch **Editor’s Choice**



Best for kids who are 5 to 10 years old

Features include making/receiving calls, one-button SOS, flashlight, alarm clock, camera for videos/pictures, GPS tracker, remote/secret monitoring and class mode (for when the kids are in class)

Comes in three colors – pink, dark blue and light blue

Compatible with most Android phone and iPhones


The set-up is a bit of a hassle


SZBXD Waterproof Kids Smartwatch

Waterproof Kids Smartwatch, Anti-lost GPS tracker Smart Watch for Children Girls Boys Compatible for iPhone Android (Pink)


Best suited for kids 5 to 9 years old

Fitted with GPS tracker to monitor your child

Capable of making/receiving calls with voice micro-chat feature

Another great add-on is its remote monitoring ability



The priciest among the smartwatches in this list

Watch needs a monthly data plan for its features to work

Caref GPS Phone Watch


Best suited for kids 5 to 10 years old

Has GPS tracker

Capable of sending SOS calls and messages

Can also make or receive calls from the phone as well as receive text messages


Pricey compared to other smartwatches with more add-ons

Monthly data plan is required for this smartwatch

An Analog, a digital or a smartwatch — each type of timepiece have their own advantages and disadvantages. The final choice will always be up to you and what your child wants.

With these said, what watches from the list do you have your eyes on?

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