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    Best Drones For Kids


    Gone are the days where kids spent their time outside playing with sticks and stones. They might still play outdoors these days, but instead of sticks and stones they are now outside operating state-of-the-art drones. That is why we wrote this article about the Best Drones for Kids. As technology has advanced, so have kids toys. […] More

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    10 Best Kid Cameras

    Kid Cameras

    Love of photography is not limited to age or gender. If your kid is showing an interest in photography you need to be encouraging them to show off their creative side. Buying them one of the best kid cameras in the industry is a great way to help them develop their skills, but it can […] More

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    The Best Mini Cribs

    Best Mini Cribs

    What are the Best Mini Cribs? You may be like some of us, who had no idea that mini cribs existed in the first place.  But they do.  And they’re awesome.  Let us tell you why.  The best mini cribs are like an amazing cross between a full-size crib and a pack and play.  Crib […] More

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    Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy covers mymommyneedsthat.com treatment of personally identifiable information that mymommyneedsthat.com ™ collects when you are on the mymommyneedsthat.com ™ Website and when you use mymommyneedsthat.com services. It is important that visitors are fully informed about the use of their personal information. mymommyneedsthat.com™ believes in 100% permission-based marketing. For each visitor to […] More

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    Best Watches For Kids

    I was seven years old when I had my first watch. The moment my uncle handed me that colorful, faux leather-strapped, analog watch as a gift felt like my passage to adulthood. After all, the timepiece was very similar to what my parents wore. But, my happiness was short-lived. The watch broke down after only […] More

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    The Best Educational Websites for Kids

    Best Educational Websites for Kids

    The internet can be such a powerful tool for so many reasons. More and more parents are realizing that when used safely and responsibly, it can be a great resource for learning for their children, and is one of the strongest educational tools around. Most children love playing with technology, whether it is a tablet, […] More

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    Best Roller Skates for Kids

    Kids Skates

    Are your kids begging for new outdoor toys? Are you looking for some outdoor fun for the whole family to enjoy? If this sounds like your house roller skates are a great option as they are a safe and fun option that children and adults can enjoy. The key to this is buying the best […] More

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    Best Tablets for Kids

    As parents, we need to give our children the best head start in life. With the way the world is going, knowing how to use technology, and stay in touch with family and friends all over the world, is really important. Tablets could be the head start they need. That’s why we wrote this article […] More

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    The Best Toy Train Sets for Kids

    Best Train Sets

    What Are the Best Toy Train Sets? Toy train sets are a great toy for kids of all ages.  The best toy train sets aren’t just for boys!  Girls can play too, of course!  They great for children at any age, from the infant/toddler phase of cognitive learning to the grade school child phase of […] More

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    Best Lego Sets for Boys

    Lego sets are some of the most well-known household names when it comes to toys. And this is for a very good reason. Not only are they incredibly fun to play with (for almost all ages), but they are incredible with promoting cognitive, physical and social functioning in a young mind. Over the years, Lego […] More

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