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    The Best Children’s Books About How To Manage Their Money

    Teach your children about money and financial responsibility in a fun and interactive way and raise money-smart kids who’ll understand the value of money from a young age. Children’s books about money are a great way to do that – and we’re here to show you how. In this progressively digital world we live in, […] More

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    The Best Book For Your 7/8 Year Olds

    At around the ages seven and eight, children make a shift from reading relatively simple books to more complex texts. It’s not uncommon to see an eight-year-old with classics like The Hobbit or one of the Harry Potter books; both of which take some serious reading. This age is key in a child’s development, often […] More

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    The best children’s books about eating healthily

    In today’s world, where childhood diabetes and obesity are on the rise and the pre-school and school systems are increasingly relying on junk food (as shown quite clearly in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution series, for example), it’s becoming more important than ever to teach our kids how to eat healthily. If you’re a parent who […] More

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    The Best Children’s Books About Coding

    Learning tech skills through children’s books about coding is one of the smartest ways to prepare them for the future. Books are an amazing resource, because children generally love them, especially if they’re nicely illustrated. Computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices are certainly places where your child will discover and learn the most. Still, […] More

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    The mission of MMNT is simple: we want to help you discover, research, and select the best products for your (or your friends) little ones. We are constantly updating reviews, doing new tests, and exploring new products to ensure our recommendations are always as accurate and helpful as possible. We take your readership very seriously – so […] More

  • MMNT is a list of the best products and items for people who want to save the time and stress of figuring out what to buy when raising their child.

    header.g1-row.g1-row-layout-page.page-header.page-header-01.g1-dark { background: inherit!important; } We've all been there. Browsing the aisles in Walmart or scrolling through Amazon's categories for the right items that our new loved one will enjoy. Perhaps you were even on the hunt for a friends new child. Trying to find exactly what to buy has always been difficult and often [...]
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    👋 MyMommyNeedsThat.com thrives by supporting our readers with hundreds of hours of reporting and testing to help you find the stuff you need in order to raise a better, healthier baby. You support us through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission that help to pay our individual writers and continue growing. Thank you […] More

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    Best Crib Mattresses For Every Budget

    Are you getting ready to complete your nursery? Is it time for your baby to move from their newborn sleeping arrangements into their own crib? Are you looking to replace your baby’s old crib mattress for a new and improved one? No matter how you look at it picking out a crib mattress is hard, […] More

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