50+ Indoor Activities To Do With Your Kids On Long Rainy Days

And Survive Being Indoors With Them Without Going Crazy!

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31. Do An Indoor Obstacle Course

Suitable Age: 3 years old up to 10 years old

Plot a mini obstacle course inside your living room making full and creative use of sofas, chairs and tables (provided they’re not breakable) as well as other household items like toy balls, baskets and, of course, colored electrical tape as markers.

  • Lets kids spend their energy while being indoors.
  • Allows them to enhance their body coordination skills, balance, problem-solving abilities as well as hand and feet movement.
  • Messy aftermath; major clean-up might be needed after.

32. Initiate A Scavenger Hunt

Suitable Age: 3 to 8 years old

Give your kids each a scavenger hunt list and let them roam freely throughout the house to complete it. They will have fun scurrying around to complete the list and you’ll be laughing your head off with the items they found after!

  • Lets smaller children hone their decision-making skills.
  • Allows them to use up their energy while indoors.
  • Frustrations and tantrums could ensue from playing the game.

33. Build Towers With Toothpicks And Marshmallows (Or Plastic Straws)

Suitable Age: Older kids

Hold a tallest tower contest with the promise of a cool prize for the winner. The catch, toothpicks, marshmallows or plastic straws are the only materials they can use and the tower has to stand on its own for a certain amount of time.

  • This is a STEM activity, enhances your child’s decision-making skills, and challenges him mentally.
  • It can be a mess to clean up after.

34. Play “Minute To Win It”!

Suitable Age: 3 years old to 11 years old

If you’ve watched this TV program at some point in time, you’re familiar with the easy-to-difficult challenges players had to do in a span of one minute. Copy the easy ones for the younger tots (make sure the materials you need are at hand) and the more challenging ones for the older kids.

  • Active play indoors.
  • Develop body coordination, problem-solving skills, as well as concentration.
  • Some “Minute To Win It” challenges can be deceiving — you think they’re easy to do but your kids believe otherwise. Make sure the ones you let them do are something they can really accomplish based on their age and capabilities.

35. Make Interesting Things Out Of Old And Unpaired Socks

Suitable Age: 3 years old up to 10 years old (older kids might participate if they’re interested in crafting)

Keep those socks that have lost their pairs and they’ll be useful on rainy days. You can make sock puppets out of them or sock octopuses. For more ideas, a quick look on the internet will do the trick.

Material You Can Use:

Creativity for Kids My First Sock Puppets

  • Encourages creative play
  • Gets kids to actively participate in making the project
  • Parents-kids bonding moment
  • Materials needed to make the puppets might not be available at hand.

36. Do A Play Or Tell A Story With Paper Bag Puppets

Suitable Age: 3 years old to 10 years old

If you’re not one to collect socks without pairs, paper bag puppets are a good alternative. You can make from scratch (a good way to pass the long rainy hours) or buy a less-work-involved hand puppets kit.

Material You Can Use:

ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Bag Puppets

  • Kids get to let their creative side out
  • A great way for parents to interact with their children
  • Older kids might not find the activity interesting

37. Play Classic Games Like Uno, Dominoes Or Even Pick-Up Sticks

Suitable Age: 5 to 12 years old

Turn up the nostalgia meter a bit, play these classic games with your kids and regal them with stories from your childhood.

Material You Can Use:

Toysmith 41-Piece Pick-Up Sticks Game (2-Pack)

  • Great bonding moment between parents and kids
  • Encourages players to concentrate and develops problem-solving skills
  • Kids might easily get bored with the game especially with pick-up sticks

38. Show Your Ball Tricks With The Classic Jacks Game

Suitable Age: 5 years old and above

Who didn’t love playing Jacks as a kid? I know I did! Rediscover the fun this game brings with your kids (and show them your ball trick or two).

Material You Can Use:

Ramini Brands Classic Ball and Metal Jacks Game Set with Velvet Carry Pouch and User’s Guide

  • Develops kids” motor skills
  • Enhances their problem-solving abilities
  • Great way to bond with your children
  • Jacks are choking hazards. Not for toddlers

39. Play Spa With The Girls

Suitable Age: 3 to 10 years old

Have a luxurious bath, massage, pedicures , and manicures … that’s generally the idea for this activity. And it’s something girls love.

Material You Can Use:

TownleyGirl Disney Princesses Super Sparkly Peel-Off Nail Polish

  • Great mother-daughter bonding time
  • Fun
  • Only girls will love this activity as boys would want a more tumble-around games

40. Or Do High Tea Time

Suitable Age: 5 years old and up

You can do the classic tea time or merge this activity with crafting with paint-a-tea-set sets sold online or at your local department stores (stock up before the rainy season).

Material You Can Use:

Galt Toys Inc Paint A Tea Set

  • Creative play
  • You can combine this activity with others like baking or craft time
  • There might be a mess to clean up afterwards

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