The Best Automatic Formula Machines

It’s the “Keurig” for baby bottles!

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What are the Best Automatic Formula Machines?

The best automatic formula machines are much like a Keurig for baby bottles!  Most of these machines automatically dispense the right amount of formula based on the settings you choose on the machine. Some even come with their own formula pods!

These machines heat the water used for the bottles to the ideal temperature for baby bottles, making feeding time a breeze for parents!

The Best Automatic Formula Machines

Many parents like automatic formula machines because it takes the confusion out of proper feeding measurements and bottle temperature. This helps with babysitters or grandparents when the parents are away.  All they have to do is place a bottle under the spout and press a button!

Automatic formula machines are a fairly new to the baby product world, and we have done the research to find the best ones available on the market to date!  We narrowed it down to four trustworthy brands with several unique features.  Check out our list of the Best Automatic Formula Machines!

The Best Automatic Formula Machines

Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Bottle Maker

The Best Automatic Formula Machines

The Baby Breeza makes bottle time hassle free.  It’s patented mixing technology allows formula and water to be mixed and then dispensed into the bottle at the perfect consistency and without air bubbles.  The easy to use control panel allows you to select the size of the bottle from 2 ounces to 10 ounces.

The water tank on the side of the machine holds 50 ounces of water and keeps the water at near body temperature for the perfect bottle ready for baby every time.  The airtight formula container holds up to 700 grams of formula, enough for roughly 20 8 ounce bottles.  This machine is compatible with most major formula brands, and all bottle brands and sizes.

This machine is simple and easy to use and is sure to become a staple in baby products within every home.

  • Perfect bottle temperature every time
  • Automatic mixing
  • Fits all bottle sizes and brands
  • Suitable for most brands of formula
  • Requires frequent, tedious maintenance
  • Some parents have experienced incorrect formula measurements with this machine.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Formula Machine 

The Best Automatic Formula Machines

The Tommee Tippee brand Automatic Formula Machine is designed much like most formula machines, however, there are a few features with this machine that are unique from other machines.

This machine uses a “hot shot” technology to give a burst of high-temperature water that destroys any bacteria present in the formula powder.  After the hot shot, the machine fills the bottle to the selected size in ounces with cool water, bringing the bottle to just the right temperature for baby.

This formula machine also includes a filter to remove impurities from the water used in making your baby’s bottle.  It works with any brand of formula and has an adjustable base to adapt to any size bottle.

  • “Hot shot” removed impurities from water
  • Perfect temperature every time
  • Compatible with any brand formula or bottles
  • Noisy operation
  • Does not dispense formula

Gerber BabyNes Baby Formula Dispenser 

The Best Automatic Formula Machines

**Editor’s Choice!**

This unique automatic mixing machine created by Gerber is designed for use with Gerber’s BabyNes formula pods.  This formula is inspired by the composition of breast milk and the development of your baby over the course of 0-12 months.  What’s more, 98% of parents who use BabyNes would recommend the product to other parents!

With the BabyNes formula pods, there’s no need to worry about proper measurements of your baby’s formula.  The pods contain the right amount so your bottle is made perfectly every time.  The formula machine has temperature settings and bottle size settings, making bottle preparation a breeze!

Cleaning the machine is easy as well.  Because the formula is dispensed directly into the bottle and not stored in the machine, there is no need to worry about caking, formula clumping due to moisture, or molded formula in cracks and crevices.

With the purchase of this machine, you will receive a pod opener for on the go.  This will allow you to continue to use the pods for consistency in your baby’s feeding routine, even if you are away from your automatic machine.

Sync your machine to your smartphone via Wifi to keep track of your baby’s feeding times!  Additional services include capsule collection services.  BabyNes will send a collection label so that you can send your empty pods to be recycled into renewable energy!

All of the features included with this machine, as well as an innovative formula composition and consumer-backed reviews earn this product Editor’s Choice!

  • Perfect bottle temperature and size every time
  • Easy cleaning
  • Track feeding times with smart phone
  • Can only be used with BabyNes formula capsules
  • BabyNes capsules are expensive

Born Free Bottle Genius

The Best Automatic Formula Machines

The Bottle Genius by Born Free uses SmartScale technology to properly weigh formula and water to the selected size.  The dial allows you to select the measurement in ounces, and Bottle Genius does the rest.  You can also choose the temperature of the bottle: warm (body temperature) or room temperature.

Bottle Genius is compatible with most major formula and bottle brands. It is also very easy to clean and features a built-in cleaning cycle. A built-in soft-glow light makes nighttime feedings easier. The tank holds enough water to make up to 8 four ounce bottles, and the formula dispenser holds about 300 grams of formula.

  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with most formula and bottle brands
  • Choose warm or room temperature bottle
  • Does not mix the botte, must be shaken or stirred by hand

Compare and Choose

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesRating
Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker$$$Hassle free formula preparation,
Patented mixing technology,
Temperature control,
Airtight formula storage dispenser,
Works with all formula brands and types

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine$$$$Makes a fresh bottle, at correct temperature, in less than 2 minutes,
Measures in ounces,
Initial 'hot shot' of water kills bacteria that may be present in formula and starts dissolving formula fast,
Filter system removes impurities present in water, Dispenses correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution,
Each filter lasts up to 3 months

Gerber BabyNes Baby Formula Dispenser **EDITOR'S CHOICE**$$Works exclusively with BabyNes formula capsules,
Prepares your baby's bottle in less than a minute,
Perfectly mixed,
Precisely measured,
No pre-heating time,
Works with any bottle size,
Superior hygiene with formula flowing directly from capsule to bottle,
Built-in-capsule water filter to ensure water quality,
Includes a voucher for your first box of formulas and the “on-the-go" capsule opener

Born Free Bottle Genius$$$$Works with all major bottle and powder formula brands,
Easy to use dial adjusts from 2 ounce to 10 ounce serving,
Accurate measurements-weighs and measures out formula and water with smart-scale technology,
Time and energy efficient - heats desired amount of water on-demand for baby, or dispenses water at room temperature

Things to Keep in Mind

In order to keep your automatic formula machine in good working condition and receive the best results, keep these things in mind:

  • Much like coffee makers, these machines need to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned to avoid mold, clogs, and deterioration.
  • Regular maintenance will also result in the consistent and satisfactory performance of the machine.
  • Always check the temperature of the bottle before feeding it to your baby.  Even if your automatic formula machine is designed to heat the bottle to the perfect temperature ideal for feeding.
  • While most formula machines do the mixing for you, not all are designed to do so without creating air bubbles.  You may want to consider using a brand of bottle, like Dr. Browns, that are designed to prevent baby from swallowing air bubbles which can lead to colic.

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