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What are the best baby bathtubs and why

I will never forget the first day that I brought my baby girl home from the hospital. Up until that point, everything was perfectly blissful. Okay, everything besides the actual pregnancy. I loved being able to plan and decorate her nursery. Buying all those cute little outfits. Helping my husband make our home baby prove. Even after giving birth, the idea that I actually had a little human being to care for still didn’t really sink in.

Until that first day home. I remember taking a shower while my baby was sound asleep and suddenly bursting into tears. Completely overwhelmed with the prospect of motherhood. And realizing that while I was spending so much time deciding on the perfect shade of pink, I had neglected to purchase a proper baby bath!

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So, in true Liana style, I completely freaked out and sobbed (now along with my baby whom I had managed to wake up) about how I am a bad mother and how my baby will never get clean because I don’t have the proper tub.

Naturally, I was overreacting. The tub I had bought was simple, and it did its job of getting her clean. But I had to spend the whole period bend forward at a horrible angle, so after three months I had to see a chiropractor to try and relieve my back pain. And my little girl hated those first few months of bath time. I recall the dreaded feeling I used to get in the afternoon when I realized that it was time to bath her. Back pain and screams filled the next 15 minutes.

At around eight months I started bathing with her in the bath, and up and until today we enjoy happy bubbly moments together every evening. But I will never forget those horrible first few months. And it all could have been avoided if I had simply purchased the best baby bathtub from the start.

This article is here to help all the soon to be moms out there avoid the drama that I had to go through. So put down those paint samples for a few moments and let’s talk bathtubs!


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Which one should I choose?

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesRating
The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub$Ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing.
Padded headrest for extra comfort.
Form-fitting netting.
Easy to get baby in and out of.

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath Tub$$Bath center can be raised.
Comfortable incline for baby.
Can be placed in sink or bath tub.

Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower ** EDITORS CHOICE **$$Can be used from infancy to toddler stages.
Soft infant bath sling.
Removable shower unit.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Smart Sling 3-Stage Bathtub$$Mesh smart sling.
Swivel hook for hanging on shower head.
Non slip interior texture.
Three stages - infancy to toddler.

Blooming Bath Lotus$$$Super soft and cuddly.
Fits sinks optimally.

Your first priority is safety. The very first feature to look for when purchasing a bathtub is a built-in thermometer. This will tell you exactly if the water is too hot or too cold for your little one. Next, you will be on the lookout for non-slip, sturdy bathtubs. Remember that you want to make bath time fun and relaxing for both you and your baby. A proper drainage system is also important. You want to limit spills on the bathroom floor.

Different Types of Baby Bathtubs:

  • Standard tub. A no-frills, inexpensive plastic tub. Smaller ones are usually meant to be placed on the sink for younger babies. Many of these tubs have a contoured design to allow infants to sit in a slightly upright position, and some come with a removable mesh or fabric sling to keep Baby in place. When your baby can sit up on her own, she can graduate to a larger plastic bathtub that will sit in your adult-size tub.
  • Convertible tubs. Designed to grow with your baby. Adjustable positions allow the tub to be used during the newborn, infant, and toddler stages.
  • Foldable tubs. Collapses for easy storage in small spaces. If you use a fold-up tub, make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t leak.
  • Inflatable tubs. These space-savers can be deflated for easy storage and travel. Many include a suction cup or an attached hook so you can hang the tub to air dry. A downside: You’ll have to inflate again (which can be a hassle) before Baby’s next bath.
  • Luxury tubs. Spa-like tubs that come with all the bells and whistles — motorized water jets, a small shower nozzle, and calming vibrations, depending on the brand. These are usually battery-operated, heavier, and more expensive than other baby baths.
  • Standing tubs. A style that elevates the baby to your height. This means no bending or stooping to bathe your baby. But these can also be quite expensive!

With so many different bathtubs available out there, the choice can be daunting. However, it shouldn’t be. Your main priority is safety and comfort. So as long as the tub comes equipped with a thermometer, non-slip features, and a proper drainage system, all the other little extras are really up to you and your budget.

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Bath time – More than just getting clean

“Scientists are now recognizing that everyday interactions parents have with their baby and everyday moments … can be thought of as learning moments or learning opportunities,”  says Andrew Meltzoff, a developmental psychologist and co-director of the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences at the University of Washington.

Bath time is one of the best times for you to engage with your newborn. And for them to develop their senses and get to know the world around them.

During bath time your baby gets touched more than any other wake time, and this is of utmost importance, seeing that affectionate touch has been linked to nonaggressive children. When touching different pressure points on your little one’s body, it serves as a relaxation technique. Which is sure to lead to at least a few hours of restful sleep.

Besides the importance of touch, bath time also helps to develop your baby’s sensory system. You will notice your little one gazing up at your face in loving awe. Later on, your little scientist will also try to figure out where the bubbles are coming from and how they are moving.

Overall a stress-free bath time is the perfect time to really bond with your baby and enjoy their little giggles of delight.

Quick facts on the importance of bathtime:

  • Playing with bubbles helps babies develop hand-eye coordination and discover objects exist even when they can’t be seen
  • Splashing helps teach babies cause and effect
  • Talking to your baby during bath time is an opportunity to help them build their vocabulary.
  • Close skin to skin contact between a parent and baby helps calm baby’s breathing

Here are my top 5 choices for the Best Baby Bathtubs

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue

The Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub with Sling is a mommy favorite! In fact, it was voted BEST bathtub in Baby Center’s Moms’ Picks 2014 awards. The tub’s deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing, with a mesh sling and padded headrest to provide extra comfort and support to cradle newborns. The form-fitting netting provides security, making bath time less stressful for both parents and baby. Once baby grows, they can sit up comfortably and have room to play on the toddler side. No wonder moms love it so much!

All the security, comfort and convenience parents and growing babies need in a tub. Its deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing, and parents will love that it fits both single and double sinks. Plus, the mildew-resistant pads make for a cleaner bath and a special drain plug changes color to alert parents if the water is too hot for baby. From newborn to toddler, bathtime couldn’t be better! This deluxe version includes green mesh sling.


Ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing
Padded headrest for extra comfort
Form-fitting netting
Easy to get baby in and out of


Limited color variations

Summer Infant Comfort Height Bathtub

The Comfort Height Bath Tub offers ultimate comfort for you and your baby during bath time. An extra platform safely raises the tub, making it comfortable and easier to reach baby during bath time.


Bath center can be raised
Comfortable incline for baby
Can be placed in sink or bath tub



Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Centre and Shower

The Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower is the only tub baby needs from infancy through toddler ages. The tub has four stages that grow with your child to make bath time easier and more convenient for both parent and baby.

Stage 1 – The soft infant bath sling can be used when bathing baby in the sink with the removable shower unit.

Stage 2 –The soft infant sling can be used in toddler tub that conveniently fits in an adult tub. Removable shower unit can be attached to the side of the toddler tub for easy rinsing.

Stage 3 – As your baby grows, the sling can be removed to transition into a toddler designed tub that allows your baby to have more room.

Stage 4 – For extended use, the removable shower unit can be used in an adult tub.


Can be used from infancy to toddler stages
Soft infant bath sling
Removable shower unit


Standard pattern


Skip Hop Moby Bath Smart Sling 3-Stage Bathtub

Our versatile tub grows with baby through three stages and is the only baby bath tub you’ll ever need. The sling locks into two ergonomic positions: higher for full-body support and lower for seated support. Dual layered mesh and comfort-edge construction securely cradles baby from head-to-toe.

The slings adjust to a cushioned seat that comfortably supports babies learning to sit. Remove the sling when baby has mastered sitting and easily bathe baby in the spacious tub—no uncomfortable plastic bumps.


Mesh smart sling.
Swivel hook for hanging on shower head
Non slip interior texture
Three stages – infancy to toddler


No thermometer

Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bath

Blooming Bath Lotus - Baby Bath (Gray/Light Yellow)

Our primary goal is to make bath time fun and comfortable for parent and baby.  The plush, soft, flower creates a wonderful way to safely cradle and clean your baby.


Super soft and cuddly
Fits sinks optimally


Can only be used up to six months of age
No thermometer.

How to make bathtime fun!

Try these few simple tricks for a week to see how your infant react to bathtime:

  • Ask dad to help by holding different colored toys above babies head whilst mommy is gently soaking baby.
  • Play some relaxing nursery songs in the background.
  • Light a scented lavender candle in the bathroom before you begin with bathtime.

Something for all the dads out there!

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