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Bounce baby, bounce! Check out our list of the 5 best baby bouncer systems!

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Why You Need a Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers are definitely a family favorite (and by that, I mean a mom-must-have that you will likely convince your husband to buy for the sake of your sanity.)

A bouncer can give your baby a place to lay, relax and play, giving you time to get some things done around the house or actually eat your breakfast in more than one bite. Not to mention that adorable smile and maybe even the first giggle that comes from your baby when they are bouncing and playing.

Baby bouncers are practically a new mom essential.

And on those nights where your baby won’t stop fussing and you’ve tried everything from diaper changes to pacing around your kitchen – a baby bouncer just might do the trick!

There are different types of bouncers available – some are seats designed to sit on the floor and rock/bounce when your baby moves and some move on their own with different settings to give baby something new and relaxing every time.

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When Can I Start Using a Bouncer?

Bouncers are generally used with babies before they can sit up by themselves, as once your baby is doing that, they will likely not want to be laying in the bouncer anymore.

So, generally speaking, bouncers are best used from the newborn – 6 months stage. 

For this reason, many parents opt for multi-function product (perhaps a bouncer that is part of a swing or can be used as a normal chair after). Many parents also look to second-hand shops to buy a baby bouncer (if you do this, please be mindful that the bouncer is in proper condition and is safe for baby’s use).

What Kind of Bouncer Should I Buy?

Of course, there are quite a few decisions that need to be made before you start shopping.

First, you’ll want to decide if you want a higher end one that actually has vibrating, bouncing and rocking functions (most need to be plugged in), or if you are looking for something a little more simple that baby rocks in by themselves.

Batteries or no batteries? This is a huge thing to pinpoint as it will narrow down your options (and your budget) quite a bit.  Then, once you’ve settled on what kind of bouncer you’d like to buy, you can figure out a budget and go shopping!  You can see our budget comparison for the top baby bouncers n the chart at the bottom of this post.

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The Best Baby Bouncer Benefits

Baby bouncers often come with toy bars or hanging toys and this is great for developing motor skills. The right baby bouncer can also very often stimulate baby’s mind (and tires them out!) with the music/sounds.

Bouncing, kicking, giggling and waving arms…did we mention it TIRES THEM OUT!? (that may be the best part.) While baby plays or naps in their bouncer, you have time to get things done (and use of both hands, which as a mom, is quite unheard-of).

Boosting your baby’s independence one bounce at a time! We all love to snuggle and play with our babies, but once they start to grow, it’s also important that they learn to entertain/soothe themselves.

Can replace a rocking chair?! Rocking or gliding chairs are lovely, but if you’re on a budget or have little space in your home, a baby bouncer can provide the same kind of soothing feelings as a rocking chair would.


Top 5 Baby Bouncers:


Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer

best baby swing baby boncer graco


While this bouncer actually comes as part of a swing, we think it’s a great option for you! Easily switching from a relaxing swing to a play time bouncer, this two in one system is a customer favorite!

We love the fact that this bouncer is part of a swing system – one less product for mommy to buy! Double the fun and great for your budget.

Product Weight: 21.8 pounds
Product Dimensions:33 x 34 x 43 inches
Weight Limitation: minimum 8lbs – maximum 28lbs

  • Removable swing seat doubles as a bouncer
  • Two speed setting
  • Deep seat
  • 6 swinging speeds 
  • 10 melodies/5 nature sounds
  • Heavy
  • Large (takes up space)
  • Isn’t easily movable
  • Noisy vibrations


Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat

best baby bouncer

This bouncer is super compact, making it easy for travel and storage purposes. The different options for music and nature sounds are what moms love most about this product!

Product Weight: 9 pounds
Product Dimensions: 9 x 21.5 x 22 inches
Weight Limitation: maximum 19.8 Pounds

  • Converts from bouncer swing to vibrating seat 
  • Compact (slim for storage or travel)
  • 5 speeds/vibration
  • 8 melodies/3 nature sounds (with volume control)
  • Only for newborn stage (up to 19.8lbs)
  • Flimsy/easily movable headrest
  • Slow speeds
  • Batteries drain quickly


Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer

baby bouncer

The deep cushion seat that is covered in machine-washable fabric is what moms love about this baby bouncer. The removable toy bar makes getting baby in and out super easy, and there is up to 20 minutes of nature sounds/music!

Product Weight: 7.7 pounds
Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.8 x 4.8 inches
Weight Limitation: maximum 25 lbs

  • Soft insert
  • Removable toy bar (with 2 plush toys)
  • Up to 20 minutes of music/nature sounds
  • Deep Seat
  • Pad and insert are machine-washable
  • Doesn’t fold (not easily stored)
  • Music and vibration play for limited time, then stop (may cause baby to wake)
  • Toys are for looking at, too high for baby to reach


Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer

best baby bouncer

The simplicity and ease of this baby bouncer is why it makes our top 5 list! Not to mention the removable toy bar (parents love that!) and that the fabric is completely machine washable…it’s definitely a contender!

Product Weight: 5.4 pounds
Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.8 x 4.8 inches
Weight Limitation: maximum 25 lbs

  • Vibrations (different settings)
  • Removable toy bar with monkey, lion and zebra toys
  • Machine-washable fabric for the seat pad
  • Adjustable three-point restraint (non-skid feet)
  • Difficult to get baby in and out of (over/under toy bar)
  • Fabric could be more durable (may get weak/sag over time)
  • Toys may be too high to reach


BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft

best baby bouncer baby seat baby bjorn

You know it’s a great product if it’s a BabyBjorn product!! Ths is our favorite one of the bunch with four positions, the ability to fold almost completely flat and that your baby can also sit in this chair well into toddler-hood!!

What we like about this product it the slim/modern design, the use of the seat as your child grows and the quality of the material.

Product Weight: 4.8 pounds
Product Dimensions: 36.5 x 15.6 x 4.4 inches
Weight Limitation: minimum 8lbs – maximum 29 lbs

  • Natural bouncing helps develop balance and motor skills
  • No batteries, charging or plugs required
  • Four positions suitable for both rest and play
  • Folds completely flat (great for storage)
  • Moves easily from room to room to always have baby close
  • Can be used from newborn to 2 years of age (bouncer turns into a comfy chair)
  • Fabric collects dust and dirt easily
  • May be overpriced compared to other bouncers like it


You child’s happiness, safety, and amusement are important and we want you to pick the baby bouncer that’s right for you. To make this process easier, we have put together an easy to read comparison chart so that you can see how each of these products measure up against one another.

Comparing the Best Baby Bouncer Systems

ProductCostFunction(s)Weight LimitBatteries Required?
Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer
$$$6 swinging speeds
2 vibrating speeds
10 melodies/2 nature sounds
Removable swing seat doubles as bouncer
29 lbsRechargeable Batteries (3 hour battery life)
Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat
$$5 swing speeds/vibrations
8 melodies/3 nature sounds

19.8 lbsBatteries (24 hour battery life)
Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer$$20 minutes of music and nature sounds
Removable toy bar
25 lbsRequires 3 C batteries
Fisher-Price Baby's Bouncer
$Bouncy seat
25 lbsBatteries (90 hour battery life)
BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft
$$$Four positions suitable for both rest and play
29 lbsNone


Some Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Baby Bouncer

Your Baby’s Comfort – this is the most important thing to keep in mind. When searching for the right bouncer for your baby, you want to find one that will support your baby in all the right ways and encourage proper posture.

Many cheap bouncers position your baby in a hammock-like post, and while this may look extremely comfortable, it’s not always best for their growing bodies. If your child plays in their bouncer for 20 minutes and then falls asleep for 20 minutes, that’s 40 minutes of being in the same position. Ideally, your baby’s legs shouldn’t be extended straight and they should have room to move, but not too much room to squirm out.

Adjustments and Storage Ability –  I can tell you this first hand if you’re tight on space you want to go for a bouncer that folds down to a slim position. You may also want a baby bouncer that has multiple positions available for baby ranging from sitting upright to laying flat.

Washable Cover/Material – Babies are messy!!! Making sure this bouncer has a cover you can slip into the washing machine or at least fabric that is easily cleaned will definitely save you lots of time and hassle in the future.

Do I Need this Bouncer to Be Portable? – You may want a portable, small bouncer that you can use as a safe place to put baby while you shower, brush your teeth or make something for dinner. If this is the case, you may want to buy one that’s light and less bulky.

Be Safe! Here Are a Few Baby Bouncer Safety Tips…

  • Never leave your baby unattended/out of view while in bouncer
  • Bouncer seat may become saggy/lower over time
  • Ensure your baby is in a comfortable/proper position for their growing bodies at all times
  • Do not feed baby while they are sitting in a bouncer (choking hazard)
  • Always attach/utilize safety belt(s) when your baby is in bouncer
  • You baby bouncer should have (at least) a 3 point safety harness to be considered safe to use
  • Never place a baby bouncer on a table or chair – always keep a bouncer on a firm/solid ground surface.
  • Do not move the bouncer while your baby is in it – they are not designed to hold that weight in motion.


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