Best Baby Proof Door Locks

What You Need To Know About Baby Proof Door Locks?

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We help you provide a safe place for your baby to move around

“To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You must have to care”. Yes, as this quote rightly indicates, we know the care and concern you have for your baby. Now that he has started to move around, all your eyes will be on his safety, isn’t? As a caring mom, you will have a lot of trepidation that the infant should safely move around at home, without harming himself. We rightly understand your apprehension for the new member of your family. So, we have compiled the best baby proof door locks to safeguard your little one.


How will the best baby proof door locks help?

When childproofing and babyproofing your home, you can overlook things for sure. The thing to remember here is that basic window and door safety are a crucial part to make your home safe for little crawlers. You can safeguard your kid from venturing outside or into the garage without adult supervision with a childproof door handle. Further, the child proof door knob will prevent your toddler from accidental lockouts.

Types of door locks to consider

The good thing about child proof door knob is that you can place most of these knobs at a height that cannot be reached by kids. On the flip side, adults can easily open the door with just a simple button push. Here, you will find different types of doorknobs and selecting the right one is the trick. Here are some details about the common types of doorknobs you will come across:

Bi-Fold door locks

You can easily install these locks without any special tools by placing them just on the top of the hinge of the door. You can adjust this type to fit different sizes of doors. To ensure easier parental access, these locks generally come with shins, spacers, and handle extensions. You can use this type only for doors with a double fold.

Swinging door locks

When you choose the best baby proof door locks under this category, you will find that the locks are engaged as the door is opened from either side. To prevent accidental breakage, they are often screwed into place. You can easily open the door with a push of a button or a flick of a switch, but your child cannot. For extended periods of non-use, you can disengage these door locks.

Sliding door locks

As the name implies, this lick is for sliding doors and is placed at the top of the side edge.  With this lock in place, your baby cannot open the door more than a couple of inches. For longer periods of non-use, you can disengage this kind of lock. Besides stopping wandering kids, this type will also ensure better room ventilation.

Lever and knob locks

Most lever locks come with the facility to reverse for left and right-hand use. They fit around most door sizes. You can open the lock either with a sliding or a pushing movement. Adults can easily open this type of lock with a side pinch grip.

In fact, there are varied lock styles followed by different manufacturers. However, the types above are the major ones. As against the knob and lever locks, most other types should be screwed into place. So, the other types might not fit you if you are living in a rented property and cannot do any work on the existing doors. Therefore, if you are a tenant, you can benefit from locks coming with adhesive type backing. Here are the top picks as you look for the best baby proof door locks:

Door Lock Comparison Table

Product NameImageFeaturesPriceRating
Child Proof Deluxe Door Top LockEasy to install
Fits all standard doors
Suits best for interior doors
Editor's Choice
Door Knob Covers
Compatible with standard spherical doorknobs
Subtle and restrained design
Easy to use
Editor's Choice
Baby Proof Door Lock with Adjustable Strap from Door BuddyQuick installation within seconds
Comes with adjustable strap to fit the width of the door
Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch GuardOperates from both sides of the doors
Suits all standard door knobs
Editor's Choice
Adoric 4-Pack Sliding Door Locks for Baby Safety
Premium quality material
Easy to install and use

Child Proof Deluxe Door Top Lock

This Amazon’s Choice door top lock is easy to install. It rightly fits any standard size door, but does not fit doors with thickness more than 1 3/8”. You can easily install this lock on interior doors. Without any batteries, this lock will bring complete peace of mind to you.

As you fix this lock on the top of the door, little ones cannot reach. You can open from either side or the easy grip wand extension makes it easier to use even for shorter adults.


Effective child protection
Easy to install
Locks and unlocks from both sides


Does not fit thicker doors
Not suitable for over-sized doors

Door Knob Covers

This Amazon’s Choice for baby door handle cover will help you prevent your child from opening a door and getting locked in. The product works with a doorknob cover and it is compatible with regular circular doorknobs.

With a subtle and restrained design, this cover rightly blends into the design of your room. So, it is identified as one of the best baby proof door locks. The exclusive money-back guarantee for a lifetime is something that makes this product even more attractive for moms like you.


Unnoticeable, sensible & easy to use
Sleek Design
Easy and quick to install
Money-back guarantee


Bit harder to remove after installation
Not suitable for some doorknobs

Baby Proof Door Lock with Adjustable Strap from Door Buddy

This doorlock eliminates the need for installing a baby gate to safeguard your little one. This product is ideal for toddlers younger than 2 years. However, your pets can have easy access to the rooms.

This product comes with a tri-glide adjuster to tailor the distance across the door opening. It will help in preventing crawling babies and early stage toddlers from entering a designated room.

With this product in place, you can stop struggling with expensive and complicated products like door knob covers, top entry litter boxes, pet gates and baby gates.


Installation is easier without any tools
The adjustable strap ensures that you can provide the space for your pets to move around
The 3D VHB Tape ensures a strong hold on to any type of interior door


Older kids might exert enough pressure to cause the adhesive to separate from the frame the door
Suitable only for kids less than 2 years

Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

In addition to protecting your baby from getting locked in, you should choose a door lock that will safeguard him from pinching due to sudden door locks. This is where this Door Lock and Pinch Guard from Door Monkey can help you.

This product mounts at any height and the soft rubber grips ensuring the safety of the mounting surfaces of your doors. It operates on both sides of the doors and you can install the same without any hardware or tools tape.

In addition, the door lock works with most types of lever handles and doorknobs. However, needs an optional catch installation to make this knob work with most non-standard door stop molding.


Works on all standard door knobs
Operates from both sides
Works with most styles of door knobs and lever handles


You can install only after reviewing the installation instruction.
The visibility is something disturbing for some users.

Adoric 4-Pack Sliding Door Locks for Baby Safety

This pack of 4 from Adoric is for sliding doors. This set of 4 is made out of premium materials and the 3M adhesive permits it’s working on lots of flat surfaces. Regardless of whether you have metal, plastic, wood or glass doors in your home, you can childproof the sliding doors with this baby safety door lock set from Adoric.

The installation with 3m Adhesive tape takes just a few seconds for finishing the installation. To safeguard your doors and sliding windows from scratches, this set comes with extra TPR Soft rubber.


Made out of premium materials to ensure longevity
12 months refund/replacement warranty
Simple usage without requiring any keys.


If you stick at a height, your child can remove the lock
To remove the adhesive you need alcohol or hair dryer


To sum up, choose from any of these door safety locks and get the satisfaction of shopping for the best baby proof door locks. Let your home turn a toddler-proof property! To make your comparison easier, here is a table:


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