The Best Baby Rockers

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What are the Best Baby Rockers?

This year brought us some pretty incredible new products for mama and baby alike.  High tech, low maintenance, sweet and simple, and everything in between.  But a baby rocker is a product that benefits both moms AND babies (and dads, too!)  Here’s why.

So what is a baby rocker?

Baby rockers are a key tool to parenting sanity.  These comfy, snug little cradlers keep your baby in a slightly reclined position and rock, swing or bounce either by battery or AC adapter or by the baby’s movements.

Baby rockers are versatile and come with varying features.  Some include a play bar with toys that hang in baby’s view and might light up, rattle, or play music.  Others have gentle vibrating sensations which soothe fussy babies.

Why do you need a baby rocker?

Why?  Because you need to fold the laundry, start cooking dinner, wash the bottles, sweep the floors, and vacuum the rug.  Because you need two hands to do these things, and unless you are an octopus, you only have two hands.

Because even though you need both of your hands to do these everyday household chores, your baby still wants to be held, bounced, rocked to sleep, or babble so he/she knows they aren’t alone.  Because even though as a mom (or dad!) you tend to develop a talent for doing things one-handed, it sure would be nice to have both hands to complete these chores.

Enter the baby rocker.  Stash your little love into this seat of comfort and entertainment and your day becomes at least a little bit easier.  Mom win.  Dad win.  Baby win.  SCORE!

How to choose a baby rocker

You know your baby best.  From day one, you begin to learn all the nuances of your little love.  What comforts him/her.  What captures his/her attention.  What sensations best soothe him/her to sleep, or to make them have that contented feeling.

Baby bouncers are so versatile and there are many to chose from across a range of budgets and even size options to fit room specs (how much room do you have for a rocker?), all of which offer a variety of features.  We’ve got the research for you here, so all you need to do is make a checklist of features you would like to have for your baby, and chose the best option for you.

Below are the Top-Rated Baby Rockers

Baby Rockers Comparison Chart

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesAmazon RatingSafetyPower Source
Nuna LEAF Curv$$$$Ergonomic Design,
Natural Movement,
100% Organic Cotton Seat,

3-Point Harness,
Heavy Base
Manual Operation

Stokke Steps Bouncer
$$$Soft, Cradling Motion,
Mountable to Stokke Steps Chair,
Easy Storage

5-Point Harness,
Slip-Resistant Base, Infant Insert
Manual Operation
4moms mamaRoo 4 infant seat$$$Bluetooth Connection,
5 Unique Motions,
Adjustable Speed and Volume Settings,
Adjustable Seat Recline,

3-Point HarnessAC Adapter
Graco Duet Soothe Baby Swing$$2-in-1 Swing/Rocker,
Adjustable Seating Positions,
2 Soothing Vibration Settings,
15 Melodies and Natural Sound Options,

5-Point HarnessAC Adapter OR Battery Operation
Tiny Love 3 In 1 Rocker Napper$$3-in-1 Settings for Sleep, Soothe, and Play,
Interactive and Retractable Toy Bar/Mobile

3-Point HarnessManual Operation (batteries required for mobile)
Fisher-Price Premium Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper$$Smart Connect App for Smart Phone,
Projected Light Show in Overhead Canopy,
Customizable Modes for Sleep and Nap Times,
Auto Rocking Motion
3-Point HarnessAC Adapter

Nuna LEAF Curv Baby Seat

baby rocker

One of the best-rated baby rockers, Nuna LEAF curv is a natural movement rocker with a gentle swaying motion, similar to the swaying of a leaf in the wind (hence the name).  This quiet, durable rocker is made from 100% organic cotton, with a breathable mesh back.

The metal stand is sturdy, and the motion lock feature allows for safe placement of baby into the seat.  To activate the sway, simply nudge the seat.  No batteries, cords, or plugs are required, and the sway continues for 2-3 minutes.  This seat grows with baby and can hold up to 130 lbs.  Great for your toddler as a swaying chair for reading and quiet time.

  • No batteries required.  Smooth, quiet motion
  • Grows with baby from birth to 130 lbs
  • Easy to assemble, easy to clean
  • Durable and sturdy
  • High Price
  • Heavy, not very portable
  • Limited features (does not recline, toybar sold separately.)

Stokke Steps Bouncer

Comparable to Nuna’s LEAF Curv (but easier on the wallet), the Stokke Steps is simple in functionality and requires no batteries or cords.  Baby controls the movement of this bouncer, and it is designed to move like mom, with a natural cradling motion.  This product also focuses on baby’s motor skills and strength development.

The bouncer includes a newborn insert for more security and can be purchased with a specialized chair which the seat can be mounted to for easier access at dinner tables and furniture level.  This baby bouncer features 4 adjustable seating positions to accommodate baby’s increasing weight through growth stages.  Supports baby up to approximately 4 months.

  • Sturdy, simple, functional
  • Space saver
  • Natural movement
  • No batteries or cords required
  • Limited features
  • Baby outgrows quickly

4moms MamaRoo 4 Infant Seat

The MamaRoo baby bouncer from 4Moms is a high-tech, ultra comfortable rocker which features 5 natural movements and speeds.  MamaRoo is designed to move like mom does; it rocks, sways and bounces.

This modern, stylish rocker is a space saver, and the seat cover is easy to remove for washing.  The MamaRoo has a built-in mobile with interactive toys and has 4 soothing sounds for baby.  The best part: MamaRoo is Bluetooth enabled, and connects to your smartphone.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows for speed and volume adjustment right from your phone and allows you to play your own selection of music from your playlist.  MamaRoo baby bouncer supports up to 25 lbs, which means it can be used until about 6 months of age when baby begins to sit up without support.

  • Variety of natural movements and adjustable speeds/volume
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Must connect to a wall outlet
  • High Price

Graco Duet Soothe Baby Swing

This simple swing is loaded with multiple features, and here’s the best part: it doubles as a swing and a rocker.  That’s right, the seat detaches from the swing and is lightweight and portable, so baby goes with you wherever you go in your home.  The rocker seat features a sturdy handle for easy carrying.

In swing mode, the seat is adjustable and features multi-directional swing modes with 6 speeds.  The seat also has a vibration setting, which can be adjusted between 2 speeds.  This baby rocker has a plush toy mobile and 15 sound settings which include 10 soothing melodies and 5 nature sounds.  The plush, roomy seat holds up to 30 lbs.  The set is easy to assemble and convert.

  • Doubles as a swing or a rocker
  • Choice of battery or AC
  • Several adjustable features in swing and rocker mode to soothe and comfort baby
  • Moderate/High Price
  • The swing takes up a lot of room

Tiny Love 3 In 1 Rocker Napper


This 3-in-1 baby rocker is as close to functionality and conversion magic as it gets.  It converts from a bassinet into an upright rocker.  Yes, you read that right.  It reclines all the way back into a flat-bottomed, ultra cozy bassinet for sleep time, and can be adjusted to a partially inclined position for a soothing and quiet time, to a sitting position for play time.

This rocker has it all: a retractable toy bar featuring an interactive mobile with soft, hanging toys to engage baby, soothing vibration settings, and lightweight, soft materials that make this rocker portable and easy to clean!

Positive online reviews across the board and multi-functionality earn this rocker the Editor’s Choice!  Simple yet interactive, with varying modes for sleep and play make this rocker your all-in-one with the biggest bang for your buck.  Doesn’t need to be near a wall outlet, supports up to 20 lbs (or about 6 months of age), portable and adorable!

  • Manual Powered
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • 3 modes for sleep, soothe, and play
  • Moderate/High price

Fisher-Price Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with Smart Connect

It’s a show for baby!  This baby rocker has a unique feature: a projected light show in the canopy to captivate, engage and soothe.  The Rock n Play sleeper is multi-functional.  Perfect for a nap, sleep, and play, this rocker includes detachable link toys for baby to pull, push, and rattle.  For sleep, remove the toys and allow the gentle rocking motion and soothing melodies to comfort baby right to sleep.

The head cushion is plush and soft, and the seat pad is removable and machine washable, making cleanup a breeze.  The rocker folds away for easy storage and takes up little space.  This is another tech-savvy rocker.  Download the Smart Connect app to your smartphone to control vibration, rocking speed, music and volume, and the light projection feature in the palm of your hand.

  • Multi-functional with several features for sleep, play, and nap time
  • Lightweight, easy assembly
  • Only use until baby can roll over or pull up on the sides, which usually doesn’t take long.
  • Must be near a wall outlet

Safety First!

Safety should always be a factor in whatever product you choose for your baby.  Some things to consider in regards to safety when choosing a baby rocker or bouncer include:

  • Bouncers include a 3 or 5 point harness.  Always secure the harness properly.  Never allow baby to sit or sleep in a bouncer or rocker without being secured by the harness.
  • Do not place rockers or bouncers on a raised surface.  If a higher elevation is what you need, choose a baby rocker that is designed to elevate, or includes accessories designed to mount the seat for elevated use.
  • Always keep baby within view when using a rocker or bouncer.  Unfortunately, accidents happen all of the time, and every precaution should be taken to ensure the safety and well being of your little love.
  • Do not use rockers or bouncers outside of manufacturer recommendations for weight, age, or developmental stages.
  • If a bouncer or rocker includes a newborn insert, be sure to use it, and use it properly.  This will ensure the proper positioning of a baby in the seat to prevent sliding.

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