The 10 Best Baby Swings for Your Newborn

Gently rock your bundle of joy to sleep with this top 10 list that offers something for every budget!

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What are the 10 Best Baby Swings for Your Newborn?

Baby swings are a staple of parenting must-haves.  For playtime, naptime, and sleep time, a baby swing provides infants with comfort and entertainment, and modes of use are generally very versatile to suit your baby’s mood and needs.

Baby swings provide baby with the comfort of handheld rocking while giving parents time to take care of needs around the house, or even have a nap themselves!

What Kind Of Swings Are There?

Swings come in many designs to fit a broad range of needs for baby and parents.  Swings may be smaller and portable, convert into a rocker or bouncer, and be powered by either AC adapter, batteries, or both.

Baby swings offer a wide variety of features to fit your baby’s needs.  Different swings offer different motions such as side to side, front to back, and gliding motions.  Most swings provide adjustable swing speeds and timers.

You may be looking for a swing that offers soothing vibrations.  Usually, when a swing offers this feature, the vibration speed is adjustable as well  Melodies and sounds are also a common feature offered by baby swings.  Look for swings with volume control or music timers as well.  Some swings may even be Bluetooth or MP3 compatible, giving you the option to play the music of your choice.

Entertainment is also a common feature provided by baby swings.  Mobiles and toy bars provide visual stimulation and entertainment during those times that baby isn’t sleeping, but Mama still needs free hands!

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How to Choose a Swing

We’ve made choosing your baby’s swing a breeze by compiling this list of the top 10 baby swings!  Decide what features you are looking for, and how much room you have available for a swing in your home.  Our list includes the very best baby swings available, and suit a wide range of sizes, budgets, and features!

Here are the Top 10 Baby Swings!

Use This Table to Compare:

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesAmazon RatingSafetyPower Source
Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing$$$6 swing speeds,
15 songs and nature sounds,
engaging mobile for visual stimulation,
plush seat with head support

5-point harnessAC Adapter or 5 D Cell batteries
Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing$$$$6 swing speeds,
two swing directions,
16 songs and nature sounds,
multi-directional seat adjustment,
two-position seat recline,
SmartSwing technology,
mobile with mirror globe

5-Point HarnessAD Adapter or 4 D Cell Batteries
Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker$$$$$Doubles as a rocker,
6 swing speeds,
10 songs and 5 nature sounds,
mobile with soft toys,
soothing vibrations,

5-Point HarnessAC Adapter or 5 D Cell Batteries
Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing$$$$$6 swing speeds,
mobile with soft toys and light projection,
swaying canopy,
two swing motions,
16 songs and 2 long-play soothing sounds,
2-position seat recline

3-Point HarnessAC Adapter or 4 D Cell Batteries
4moms RockaRoo Baby Swing
$$$$$front to back gliding motion,
five swing speeds,
MP3 compatible,
1/3 the size of traditional swings

3-Point HarnessAC Adapter
Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing$$$portable,
space saver,
8 melodies and nature sounds,
5 swing speeds,
WhisperQuiet motor technology,
timed swing
5-Point HarnessAC Adapter or 4 D Cell Batteries
Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Smart Connect Cradle 'N Swing **EDITOR'S CHOICE**$$$$doubles as a rocker,
two swinging motions,
two rocking motions,
16 songs and 3 nature sounds,
SmartSwing technology with 6b swing speeds,
SmartConnect technology,
5-point HarnessAC Adapter or 4 D Cell Batteries
Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing$$$$doubles as a bouncer,
smooth gliding motion,
three-position seat recline,
6 gliding speeds,
10 melodies and 5 nature sounds with volume control,
soothing vibration with 2 speeds,
removable toy bar with canopy,

5-point HarnessAC Adapter or 5 D Cell Batteries
Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2-in-1$$$WhisperQuiet technology,
TrueSpeed technology,
music and nature sounds with volume control and auto shut-off,
pivoting toy bar with mobile,
converts to a rocker,
grows with baby,
swing timer with 3 settings
5-point HarnessAC Adapter or 4 C Cell Batteries
Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing$$portable,
designed for travel,
WhisperQuiet technology,
6 melodies with volume control and auto shut off,
space saver
5-point Harness4 C Cell Batteries

Graco Simple Sway Baby SwingBest Baby Swings

This simplistic swing is a space saver!  With a smaller frame design, it fits in almost any room without taking up too much space, giving mom and dad the ability to keep baby near no matter where you are.  Optional power source – battery or ac adapter – add to the convenience of this swing.

This swing features a gentle side-to-side sway with six different speed settings and 2 vibration settings, and 15 soothing melodies and nature sounds.  Combined with a deep, plush seat with head support and a 5 point harness for safety, this seat is sure to provide ultimate comfort for your baby for quiet sleep/nap time that gives mom and dad free hands to do all the grown-up things (or, take a nap too).

Finally, the adorable mobile offers 3 soft toys and is designed to capture baby’s attention and provide visual stimulation and entertainment, so even when baby isn’t sleeping, comfort can still be found by engaging baby’s imagination.  This swing is avaiable in 4 color options.

  • Space saving small frame
  • Adjustable swing and vibration speed
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not have seat recline feature
  • Mobile does not spin



Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘n Swing

 Best Baby Swings
Let your little one snuggle up in this adorable, versatile swing!  Little Tyke’s Cradle n Swing is loaded with convenient features, including durable steel legs which fold for easy storage and portability, power option between battery and AC adapter, and a machine-washable seat cover with body and head support inserts.
This swing features 6 swing speeds and two swing motions – side to side and head to toe. Optional seat direction allows baby to sit right, center, or left facing.  The seat also has two recline settings.
Baby will enjoy 16 soothing melodies and nature sounds, and a visually stimulating mobile with soft hanging toys and a mirror globe for early facial recognition development.  The swing also includes a detachable teether toy! Customize your baby’s swing to fit their needs and yours with this all-around adorable product!
  • Adjustable seat positioning and recline
  • Six swing speeds and two motions
  • Easy to clean, store, and move
  • Takes up a lot of space when assembled
  • Expensive



Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker

Best Baby Swings

Talk about convenient!  This swing doubles as a rocker, giving you two soothing essentials for your baby in one!  The seat detaches and features an easy-carry handle so you can take baby with you anywhere in your home as you complete necessary tasks.

It’s loaded with features!  Three seat positions – left, right, and forward facing – provide head to toe or side to side rocking motion.  Six swing speeds and optional soothing vibrations with 2 speed settings provide ultimate comfort for your little love.  Keep baby entertained with 15 melodies and nature sounds, and a plush toy mobile.

A 5 point harness and sturdy frame make this swing/rocker duo a safe, comfy place for your baby to nap, rest, and play!

  • Converts to a rocker
  • Seat cover is machine washable
  • Customizable seat position and recline
  • Soothing vibration
  • Expensive

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

Best Baby Swings

This swing is too precious!  Cradle your baby in a soft nest-like Papasan seat, surrounded by a sheer canopy that sways as baby swings.  The overhead mobile features soft hanging toys, and a starry overhead projection for a beautiful, entertaining, and soothing light show!

The seat offers 2 reclining positions, side to side or head to toe swinging direction, and 6 adjustable swing speeds.  Songs and natural sounds are adaptable with volume control and include 8 upbeat tunes for play time, 8 soothing melodies for nap time, and 2 long-play natural sounds for night time.

This swing includes a removable tray with bead runners.  The seat cover is easy to remove and machine washable.  Optional power source for your convenience, either AC outlet or 4 D Cell batteries.  The swing folds easily for storage and portability.

  • Easy to clean
  • Gives baby a safe, enclosed feeling
  • Adjustable swing speed and seat recline
  • Expensive

4moms RockaRoo Baby Swing
Best Baby Swings

This simple and unique swing offers a few features you won’t find anywhere else, like the MP3 hookup option, so baby can rock out to the tunes of your choice, right from your own device!  Front-to-back rocking motion offers a naturally soothing sway, with 5 adjustable speed settings.

This swing is a real space saver; only 1/3 the size of traditional baby swings!  No bulky legs or frame. The seat cover is easy to remove and machine washable, and is available in two colors. Newborn inserts are available for this swing, but must be purchased separately.

Your little one will love the soft toys that can be detatched from the mobile.  Change up what they see – the toys have multi-colored or black and white  sides, and are reversable.  A simple concept with a modern design, this swing is a great choice for your baby!

  • Space saver
  • MP3 compatable
  • Easy to clean
  • Must be near a wall outlet
  • Minimal features

Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing

Best Baby Swings
This swing offers all the features of a full-size swing but in a smaller, portable size.  It is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage and travel.  The seat features a 5 point safety harness and optional head support insert for newborns.  Weight sensing technology allows swing speed setting to remain consistent despite your little one’s weight.
Eight melodies and nature sounds will soothe and comfort your baby, and a timed swinging motor allows you to choose how long the swing operates.  This swing includes WhisperQuiet technology, which means that the swing is ultra quiet!  No clicks, no motor sounds, only the soft swish of your baby swinging away.
This swing also includes a detachable toy bar with two soft toys for your baby to reach, grab, and pull. You choose between battery power or AC Adapter.
  • Portable
  • Folds flat for storage
  • WhisperQuiet Motor
  • 5 swing speeds
  • Minimal toy features

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Smart Connect Cradle ‘N Swing

Best Baby Swings


This innovative swing offers SmartConnect technology with Fisher Price’s app, which allows you to control this swing from your tablet or smart phone!  The swing offers 2 swinging directions – front to back and side to side – and 6 speeds, as well as 2 soothing vibration settings.

It just gets better!  This swing doubles as a rocker!  The mobile swings to the side, and the swing seat easily lifts from the base to set on the floor as a rocker.  Turn the seat to choose from the same directions for rocking mode as is offered in swing mode.

The mobile features light-up bird toys, one has a mirrored belly, to keep your baby engaged and visually stimulated.  16 songs and 3 nature sounds quiet baby as he/she snuggles into the deep, plush seat with 2 recline settings in rocker mode. And get this: you can play baby’s favorite swing songs and tunes anywhere you go from the SmartConnect app!

This swing is available in 3 colors. The seat cover is easy to remove and machine washable, allowing for easy cleanup.  The swing’s durable legs fold for easy storage and portability.  With incredibly versatile features at a reasonable price, this swing earns Editor’s Choice!

  • Doubles as a rocker
  • SmartConnect app lets you control swing from smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Loud motor and click when swinging
  • Difficult to assemble

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing

Best Baby Swings

Big things come in small packages!  This swing uses 40% less space than traditional baby swings!  Don’t let the smaller size fool you- this swing has plenty of features that are sure to provide your baby with hours of soothing comfort, and convenience for you!

This swing doubles as a bouncer!  The seat easily lifts from the base with an easy carry handle, so you can keep baby close by wherever you are in your home.  Let’s talk about this seat; 3 seat recline, deep plush fabric with newborn insert, 5 point harness, removable toy bar with two soft toys and a light-shielding canopy… it’s got it all!

In swing mode, your baby will be comforted by a smooth, natural gliding movement with 6 speed adjustments and 2 vibration settings.  10 melodies and 5 nature sounds with volume control are sure to delight and soothe your little love.  This swing gives you a big bang for your buck!

  • Doubles as a bouncer
  • Gentle gliding motion
  • Removable toy bar with canopy
  • Swing is not portable or foldable
  • Difficult to assemble

Bright Starts Rock and Swing 2-in-1

Best Baby Swings

Here’s another 2-in-1 swing/rocker duo, but how is this one different from the others?  Well, in rocker mode, this seat is approved for use through the toddler years, providing your little one with a grow-with-me experience, and a soft and cozy chair to sit in as a toddler.  You’ll get more years of use out of this one than you will with typical rockers.

This seat is techno-sweet!  WhisperQuiet motor technology eliminates bothersome clicks and loud motor sounds, and TrueSpeed technology keeps your swing speed consistent despite baby’s weight as they grow.  This swing folds flat for easy storage and portability.

The pivoting mobile includes cute animal friends to keep baby company, and the mobile easily swings out of the way, making it easier to take baby into and out of the seat  The seat is deep and plush and has 3 recline settings.  Silk tags along the edges of the seat comfort baby and help to practice tactile skills.

This swing includes calming music and nature sounds with a 20 minute auto shut-off, and 3 timed swinging options.

  • Easy to clean
  • TrueSpeed technology
  • WhisperQuiet motor
  • Swing speed does not adjust
  • No vibration option

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Best Baby Swings

If you’re looking for a travel-friendly swing, this is the one for you!  This swing easily folds down, and the size makes it ideal for travel and storage.  Even when fully assembled, this swing takes up very little space.  Despite it’s smaller size, this swing is just as plush, roomy, and cozy as a full-size swing, so you don’t have to give up comfort for convenience!

Other features include WhisperQuiet motor technology, 6 soothing melodies with volume control, auto shut-off, 2 seat recline positions, and a toy bar with two plush animal friends.

  • Designed for travel
  • Easy to clean
  • Space saver
  • Minimal features


Safety Concerns

As always, safety for your little one is our top priority and we know it is your top priority, too!  Follow these tips swing away your worries and ensure your baby’s safety:

  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and care, and always ensure all pieces of your swing are properly connected, secure, and tightened.  If you are ever concerned about the assembly or condition of the parts of your baby’s swing, contact your manufacturer right away before use of the swing.
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendation for weight limits, and discontinue use when baby beings to pull up on the sides of the seat, or attempts to climb out.
  • Be sure that the swing’s legs are on a level, flat surface.
  • Do not leave your baby out of sight wh the swing is in use.
  • Never utilize the swing without securing the safety harness. Check that the harness is properly secured and in place before starting the swing.

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