The Top 10 Basketball Hoops For Your Future Basketball Star

And Let Them Dream Big, Fly High Even When They’re Still Small!

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You think you have an NBA or a WNBA superstar in the making? Encourage them to chase their dreams.  Get them one of the top 10 basketball hoops for kids (and youth!) that are out in the market today. Who knows? You might just have a hidden gem in your hands.

How We Came Up With This List

All the products featured in this article are in this table!

ProductPhotoPriceFeaturesOur Ratings
Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set$$An adjustable basketball hoop (from 2 feet to 4 feet) ideal for very young kids aging 1 to 5 years old.

Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball$$An adjustable hoop perfect for toddlers and kids who're just learning to shoot with its Sure Score rim.
Step2 Shootin' Hoops Pro Basketball Set$$This basketball hoop not only has an amply sized backboard and breakaway rim, its base is fitted with ball and water bottle holders.

Little Tikes Attach 'n Play Basketball Set
$$Ideal for indoors, this hoop attaches to the door fitted with a strap to adjust height settings.
Kipi Toys Slam Dunk Mini Basketball Hoop Set$This attachable-to-the-door hoop comes with 3 junior-sized basketballs and an air pump.
Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop$$An attachable-to-the-door hoop that's the exact replica of the actual rim and board of the NBA.
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/Ball. 23”x16” Shatter Resistant Backboard $$Your kids can dunk all they want with this attachable basketball hoop with shatterproof backboard and breakaway rim.
Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop$$An indoor/outdoor basketball hoop with a breakaway rim and an adjustable frame of up to 5 height settings.
Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop$$An adjustable outdoor-indoor hoop that's weather-resistant and comeswith a 5-year limited warranty.
Lifetime 90690 Portable Basketball System **EDITOR'S CHOICE**$$$An adjustable residential hoop (height is from 7.5 to 10 feet) with awesome features, stability and with a 5-year limited warranty.

We took into account the answers to these questions in building up our “Top 10 Basketball Hoops” list:

Is This Hoop Durable?

Durability or the product’s capability to withstand the usual wear is, perhaps, one of the two main things consumers think about when buying something. Aside from that, we also considered how the hoops took to added pressure as your kids will want to make that “dunk” from time to time.

Is It Safe?

Safety is that second main thing in a buyer’s mind. Basketball is a contact sport, meaning, injuries are to be expected. However, if the hoop is poorly made or uses substandard materials, these could be added dangers to an already high-risk game.

For safety purposes, we only feature basketball hoops with breakaway rims. These type of rims makes for lesser possibilities of wrist injuries from occurring when dunking. Additionally, the backboard is less likely to shatter with this rim type when someone attempts a dunk.

We also included hoops that are fitted with weighted bases. This feature ensures that it wouldn’t fall or tip over when used.

Does It Give Me My Money’s Worth?

Of course, buyers, especially parents, will always look at this side of the coin when making a purchase. So, don’t worry! We took that into consideration, too.


We tried the best that we can to feature various kinds of basketball hoops to suit kids from every walk of life. after all, fun is an essential ingredient to piquing up your kids’ interest in sports. It’s also vital to make his or her passion for basketball alive.

The Top 10 Basketball Hoops For Kids

See the table for the featured products in this post:

We decided to divide the hoops we’re going to feature into a set of 5. That is, one set of 5 hoops for toddlers and younger kids while another group of 5 ideal for the older ones up to teens. You ready? Read on!

1. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Its Best Feature: Height is adjustable from 2 feet to as high as 4 feet.

  • It’s the ideal basketball hoop to get kids with ages ranging from 1 to 5 years old.
  • It also comes in two colors — blue and pink.
  • Fitted with an oversized rim, toddlers will have fun with this hoop as they’ll find it easier to shoot balls.
  • The product’s package includes three junior-sized basketballs. No need to buy a ball separately.
  • Its base can be filled in with sand for more stability.
  • There were some complaints about the product package’s lack of net.

2. Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball

Its Best Feature: It’s the most fitting hoop to get little kids who are still learning how to play the sport.

  • The hoop is adjustable up to four height ranges.
  • This product’s set includes a Sure Score rim that greatly encourages toddlers to shoot the ball. It’s removable, too.
  • It’s ideal for children 1 to 3 years old but can be used beyond the recommended age.
  • The hoop might wobble when adjusted to its tallest height setting.

3. Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set

Its Best Feature: It’s equipped with an amply sized backboard and a breakaway rim.

  • The hoop is adjustable (from 4 feet to 6 feet). It’s ideal for kids as young as 5 until they’re in their early tween years.
  • It’s fitted with a breakaway rim which lessens the possibility of your kids and their friends getting their wrists injured while playing.
  • Aside from being weighted, its base has a cup and ball holders for convenience.
  • There were some complaints about the hoop clips not holding out for long.

4. Little Tikes Attach ‘n Play Basketball Set

Its Best Feature: All you need is a door to fit it on and your kids can have all the basketball fun they want.

  • Indoor basketball hoops such as this one only need a door to attach to.
  • What’s more, it’s fitted with an adjustable strap that lets you customize the height of the hoop.
  • The hoop along with its net fold for hassle-free storage.
  • This product’s package comes with a junior-sized ball.
  • When at its lowest height setting, the hoop might bang against the door when kids dunk. This is because the adjustable strap can’t be secured on the door.

5. Kipi Toys Slam Dunk Mini Basketball Hoop Set

Its Best Feature: It comes with three junior-sized basketballs and a pump.

  • Manufacturers and customers claim it’s easy to set up. You just attach the ring to the board. Then, you attach the board in turn to your door and your hoop’s ready to use.
  • The whole product package comes not just with a board, a ring, and a net. Its inclusions include three junior-sized balls and an air pump.
  • It’s best for kids 3 to 10 years old.
  • Some customers complained about how the board gets broken easily.

6. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Its Best Feature: It’s the exact replica (one-fourth scale) of the actual basketball boards used in the NBA.

  • Aside from being the exact replica of the NBA board, this basketball hoop is made of steel, so it’s durable.
  • It’s also easy to set up. The tools you needed to do so are included in the package.
  • The backboard is also tough, made of polycarbonate material.
  • Tends to be noisy

7. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/Ball. 23”x16” Shatter Resistant Backboard

Its Best Feature: The hoop’s shatter-resistant backboard.

  • What makes its backboard shatter-resistant? Durable polycarbonate.
  • Additionally, it has a breakaway steel rim which protects players from wrists injuries when dunking.
  • It’s easy to assemble with foam padding to protect your door’s paint as your kids (or you!) play.
  • A lot of customers complained about the noise it makes when used.

8. Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Toy Basketball Hoop

Its Best Feature: You can adjust this indoor-outdoor hoop from 4 feet up to 6 feet in 5 height settings.

  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It’s adjustable in 5 height settings, from 4 feet up to 6 feet.
  • The hoop is fitted with a breakaway rim and the base is sand fill-able for stability.
  • Some customers found its breakaway rim annoying since it’s not fitted with springs but instead has a “fall down” mechanism.

9. Lifetime Youth Basketball Hoop

Its Best Feature: It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

  • This portable basketball hoop’s material is rust-resistant. You don’t have to worry about putting it in storage every time rain comes-a-calling.
  • It comes fitted with a telescoping adjustment pole. Its height goes from 5.5 feet to 7.5 feet.
  • The base is water or sand fill-able for more stability.
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Difficult and takes time to assemble.

10. Lifetime 90690 Portable Basketball System **EDITOR’S CHOICE**

Its Best Feature: An awesome residential basketball hoop with its stability, features and, of course, manufacturer’s warranty.

  • This residential basketball hoop has a telescoping adjustment pole that can go from 7.5 to 10 feet. Perfect for kids, older kids, teens and even you!
  • Its pole is made from 3-piece powder-coated steel, basically rust and weather-resistant.
  • It is fitted with a fusion backboard that’s shatterproof.
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Pricey compared to the other featured basketball hoops.

Basketball is one great game to play, something that even your family or your kids’ friends could bond over. Just remember, make safety the topmost priority when playing this contact sport.

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