Best Double Strollers

Two is not always better than one.

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Best Double Strollers

Double strollers aren’t only for parents with twins. A double stroller can be a lifesaver if you have little ones close in age, a toddler and baby, and yes, multiples. Being able to get both your children around on your own can be a blessing in disguise.

Having a double stroller for trips to the mall, grocery store or a walk down the street with your babies can ease a lof the stress. Double strollers contain both your children at one which makes it easier for one parent to run errands or get around with the little monsters.

Good double strollers are expensive than the single strollers and you should be ready to shell out around $150-800, especially if you want to get a double stroller with all the latest safety and convenience features.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Stroller

Getting the right double stroller is easier said than done. There are many things to consider while buying a double stroller for your kids. A double stroller should be analyzed keeping the below pointers in mind.

Age of Your Children

The age difference between your children matters while choosing a double stroller. For example, we would recommend different double strollers for twins as compared to a double stroller for a toddler and baby.

If you have an older kid, you might want to check the weight limits and height of the stroller as she might want to stretch her legs every once in a while. Double strollers with alternatives such as standing or riding boards can be more attractive for parents with older kids.


A double stroller can get heavy with two children on board, but they should be easy to push around. Some double stroller can get heavy with kids in them which can make it hard to push them around in crowded markets.

Some double strollers give you the option to configure them as per your preferences. You can have an infant car seat and a toddler seat, one facing you and one facing forward or you can have two infant car seats facing you or forward.

Stroller Size and Weight

The double strollers have a bad rap for being big and clunky. You need to consider the width and size of the stroller you select and make sure it can get through your most frequented places and doorways.

The weight of the double stroller also needs to be considered as you might have to carry it sometimes. The size of the double stroller should be such that it can fit into the trunk of your car and the weight should be manageable.

Your Lifestyle

Do you travel or move a lot? Like jogging or going out with your kids for shopping and errands? Your double stroller should match your lifestyle. The folded stroller should easily fit in the trunk of your car. Different strollers also have different comfort levels.

An uncomfortable double stroller can agitate your kids quickly. Make sure the stroller you’re going for doesn’t compromise on the comfort to keep the weight and size down. You need to find the right balance between a lightweight stroller and comfortable seats.

Compatibility with Infant Car Seats

If you are a parent to infants or kids aging 0-4 years, the compatibility of the double stroller with infant car seats should be a must. If the seats of the strollers can turn into infant car seats, it can save you a lot of space in the car’s trunk.

The downside to getting a stroller with attachable infant car seats is, it can add around 50 pounds to the double stroller. Get the infant car seat version of the double stroller only if you’re comfortable moving around such weight.


Good double strollers don’t come cheap. Double strollers with high functionality and safety features can hurt your pocket. You should know that the double strollers are a short-lived investment which you won’t be using forever. Think about how long and how often you will be using them before taking out your credit card.

Types of Double Strollers

There are six different types of double strollers on the market you can choose from. Each of the strollers has a different purpose and serves a different audience. If you’ve read through the pre-requisites, you’ll be in a good position to decide which double stroller you should go for.

Side-by-Side / Twin Strollers

Twin or side-by-side strollers have two seats next to each other. Originally, the twin strollers were too wide to go through doorways or store aisles but the modern design has narrowed down the width of the strollers while maintaining all the functionality.

The twin strollers offer the same arm and leg room for both the babies. The side-by-side strollers also make it easy for the babies to see and talk to each other, or see their surrounding. The seats of the twin strollers are placed next to each other so they can be completely reclined.

Comparison Table for a quick look

Product PricePhotoFeatures Our RatingsEditor's Comments
Valco Baby Neo Twin Stroller$$Twin stroller - can hold each child upto 45 pounds
One of the most lightweight twin strollers on the market
Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller$$Tandem stroller - has seven different seating positions

Perfect for you if you have different aged babies
Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller$$$Best Double StrollersAll-terrain stroller - can hold two infant car seats side-by-side
Comes with all-wheel suspension and air-filled tires
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller$Sit and Stand stroller - features a standing platform
One of the best stand-on strollers in terms of weight, length and features
UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller$$Umbrella strollers - each seat has a carrying capacity of 50 lbs
Flexible for toddlers of all ages
BOB Ironman Duallie Jogging Stroller$$Double fixed wheel jogger - has the least rolling resistance and is the lightest in its class
Great for serious runners who require top safety features and on-road performance

Best Side-by-Side Twin Stroller

Valco Baby Neo Twin

Valco Baby Neo Twin is one of the lightweight side-by-side twin strollers on the market. The Valco Baby Neo weighs 27 pounds but doesn’t compromise on the quality of material or sturdiness. This stroller has all the features parents want in a high quality, beautifully made product.

The tailored fabric on this twin stroller, in gray, dark blue or white, have tasteful gender-neutral color schemes. The Neo Twin has two adjustable leg rests and individual full-coverage sun canopies. The seats recline to flat and are suitable for newborns. The Neo Twin is big enough for only one infant car seat.

  • 8″ front and 10″ rear air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride
  • Holds each child up to 45 pounds
  • Can hold only one infant car seat

Tandem Strollers

A tandem stroller has two seats which are placed one behind the other. The rear seat can be reclined completely while the front seat has a reclining limitation. The tandem strollers are ideal for a toddler and an infant.

Usually, parents like to make the infant sit in the front seat while the toddler lies or sits in the back. Many tandem stroller models can take two infant car seats. Tandem and twin strollers are the most common types of double strollers.

Best Tandem Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

The Contours Options Elite tandem stroller is perfect for you if you have two different aged babies. The Contours Elite tandem stroller is flexible and can grow with your kids as they get bigger. The contour tandem stroller can accept two infant car seats.

The Contours option elite stroller comes with seven-seat adjustment options which are perfect for any situation. The seats are both reversible with lift-assist mounts for easy switching between different configurations.

  • 7 seating options which will make you and your kids comfortable
  • Has a light aluminum frame which weighs 34 lbs
  • Fits 2 infant car seats
  • Rubber coated wheels for a smooth ride
  • Not many color options
  • Weight limit is less than other strollers at 40 lbs per seat

All-Terrain Double Strollers

All-Terrain double strollers are also known as sports strollers or sport utility strollers. The sports strollers are perfect for parents who are into taking long walks or like to go for hiking off-road or on the pavement.

Most all-terrain double strollers have three wheels with a front swivel wheel with an option to lock straight for improved stability over different types of surfaces. Most all-terrain double baby strollers can accommodate an infant car seat with the addition of an adapter accessory

Best All-Terrain Stroller

Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

Best Double Strollers

The Bumbleride Indie Stroller is a one-of-a-kind stroller which ticks all the right boxes for an all-terrain stroller. The Bumbleride stroller can hold two infant car seats side-by-side, has one of the largest canopies in the category (complete with SPF 45+ protection) and includes an even larger storage basket.

The Indie twin stroller is made from environment-friendly materials and comes with a three-year warranty. This Bumbleride stroller has a welded, lightweight durable frame and features all-wheel suspension.

  • Large cargo basket with storage for air pumps
  • SPF 45+ canopy comes with extension for extra coverage
  • All-wheel suspension and all air-filled tires
  • 360 degrees swiveling front wheel with in-line lock option
  • Expensive

Sit and Stand / Stand-On Strollers

Sit and stand strollers are perfect for parents with a toddler and an infant. The older child likes the independence of standing and sitting while the younger child needs rest and the comfort of a padded seat.

A stand-on stroller is usually compact as compared to the tandem strollers. The sit and stand strollers have a sitting space in the front and a standing space in the back. When the standing area is unoccupied, it can be used for storage by the parents.

Best Sit and Stand Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller is one of the best stand-on strollers on the market in terms of weight, length, features and highly rated reviews. The 23-pound Joovy stroller features an enormous sun canopy with visor and three-position reclining seat which makes it a hit amongst parents and kids alike.

The front seat of the Caboose graphite stroller is compatible with an infant car seat for your younger kid and features a standing platform, rear-facing seat or forward-facing reclining seat for your older one.

  • Huge canopy for both your children
  • Includes a parent organizer with pockets and 2 cup holders
  • Compact and size saving design
  • Can be uncomfortable for the older kid
  • Can take only one infant car seat

Umbrella Double Strollers

Umbrella double strollers get the name from their curved double handles. The umbrella strollers also fold up like an umbrella making them incredibly easy and convenient to move around. The umbrella double strollers are the lightest and smallest double strollers available on the market.

Umbrella strollers are popular amongst parents who travel and are frequent flyers as these are easy to carry and get through gate-check on airports. The umbrella strollers are designed for infants which are at least six months old and can sit in an upright position.

Best Umbrella Double Stroller

UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller

The G-Link is UPPAbaby’s first umbrella stroller and they’ve struck gold on the first try. Each seat on the UPPAbaby has a carrying capacity of 50 pounds, and yet the stroller only weighs 24½ pounds. The G-Link has a flat recliner so even newborns can ride on it.

Baby is cocooned with a head support pillow, a cushioned barrier at the top of the seat that is fully enclosed, and a snap on mesh boot at the bottom of the seat. The UPPAbaby G-Link is easy to steer because of the light frame and wheels.

  • Lightweight design combined with four sets of wheels (vs. the traditional six) makes the stroller easy to push and steer
  • The G-Link is flexible for toddlers of all ages
  • Comes to double storage pockets, baskets and cup holders for the parents
  • No padding on the harness which can scratch the baby

Double Fixed Wheel Jogger

Double fixed wheel joggers are made for active families. Jogger strollers have three large bicycle-style racing wheels which are sturdy and are made to withstand the vibrations of faster speeds. The double wheel joggers are good for both jogging and walking on rough or uneven surfaces.

This type of strollers has a fixed front wheel which isn’t as convenient for maneuvering. Jogging strollers have all wheel suspensions which helps in absorbing the shocks during running or on uneven terrain.

Best Double Fixed Wheel Jogger

BOB Ironman Duallie Jogging Stroller

The BOB Ironman Duallie Jogging Stroller is great for serious runners who require top safety features and on-road performance. BOB Ironman has the least rolling resistance and weights only 31.4 pounds, the lightest in its class.

The stiffer 3-inch suspension on the Ironman stroller allows for more precise maneuverability and response while running. The BOB Ironman stroller features 16-inch high-pressure road slicks tires.

  • Increased stability with fixed front wheels
  • Built for speed with 16″ semi-slick, air-filled tires on lightweight aluminum alloy wheels
  • Hand-activated front caliper brake for added control when jogging downhill
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Does not offer an adjustable handlebar
  • Can be problematic while maneuvering on hard surfaces


There are enough versions of the double strollers present on the market. We are sure you will find one for your needs whether it is for taking your kids for a stroll, to the market or going for a hike or run. Each variation of the double stroller has hundreds of options to choose from, but the ones listed in this article are the best in their respective categories.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any doubts regarding buying a double stroller, drop them in the comments below and we will be happy to help.

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