The 14 Best Kids Art Sets

Our list of the best Kids Art Sets

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What Are The Best Art Sets For Kids?

Do you remember back in the days, how fun drawing and coloring was? How great it felt as a young kid to get a praise for your imagination-filled drawings. Truth is, we all are creative artists within – the key is to give it a chance to turn into something beautiful.

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Maybe not all will end up painters and artists but why not give your little ones a chance to boost their creativity. To have fun while creating masterpieces that you’ll proudly hang on the fridge door. These kids’ art sets are created exactly for that. So pick the one that suits your child the best and let their imagination run wild.

Below you can see the best 14 Kids Art Sets we have selected for you:

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Portable Art Set

This art set is recommended for children of and above 3 years of age. With its convenient carrying bag it’s suitable for an at-home usage, traveling and in school for art class. With the 150 pieces of almost all art materials, your little one can enhance their drawing, painting, coloring and crafting skills.

It includes watercolors, palette, brush, markers, colored pencils, sharpener, crayons, pastels, clips, eraser, ruler, glue, stapler, scissors and paint.


A large variety of art materials:

12 watercolor cakes

mixing palette


36 markers

24 colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels

20 paper clips

And pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler, glue, stapler, scissors, and carrying case with handle.


Crayons are too thin so they might break during use

The carrying bag too thin

Crayola Ultimate Art Case

This is an all-in-one portable art studio and easel. With it art can be created anywhere, since it’s conveniently packed in a colorful case your child will love. It’s perfect for folks on the go since the case is sturdy and allows for the child to paint and draw while sitting in the car, or anywhere else for that matter.

This set includes 8 markers, 24 crayons, 12 short colored pencils, 8 washable watercolors, paint brush, safety scissors, washable glue and 30 colored paper sheets.


Large variety of materials

High-quality case

Excellent for traveling


The case is large and hard to handle

Lots of small parts

Not suitable for children under 4

Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Pad

If you want your child to go beyond just drawing and painting this is the art set you need. With it you’re able to create and color detailed picture scenes. This is a lovely fairy-garden theme that will boost the imagination of your little one.

All stamps feature contoured wooden handles and high-quality rubber which encourage hand-eye coordination, narrative thinking, and creative expression.


Includes 20 stamps, 5 colored pencils, durable 2-color stamp pad, and wooden storage tray

Different than all the rest, providing more fun and amusement than just drawing and coloring

Non-toxic materials


You will need to repurchase ink regularly because it dries out quickly

Spirograph Design Tin Set

Proven to stimulate the creativity center in the brain, this set for creating spirographs is the perfect addition to your regular drawing art set. When your child has no inspiration to draw they will love this designing set.

Inspired by the design of the original 1965 Spirograph, this set will entertain the whole family. It includes 7 wheels, 1 ring, 1 rack, spiro-putty, 2 pens, 10-page guide book, and design paper, all stored in a collectible tin with snap-in storage tray.


A different way to boost kid’s creativity level

High-quality non-toxic materials


Wheels don’t stay in place and it may take a while for a small child to master the usage of the spirographs.

Klutz Coloring Cute

**Editor’s Choice**

Coloring has never been so cute. Let your child bring the cutest characters, sweets, and monsters to life with the Klutz Coloring Cute. The great thing about this art set for kids is that it comes with 5 double-tipped colored pencils in 10 colors and a coloring book of 72 pages filled with imagination-boosting patterns.

Let your little one develop fine motor skills by coloring within the lines of the drawing. An art set like this will encourage their interest in different patterns, color combinations and a better understanding of art.

What people find the most convenient about it is that the pages of the book are perforated, so once your child colors a page, you can safely tear it and stick it somewhere or even create a postcard out of it, to share with friends and family.


Big 72-page book that will last you long

Perforated pages

Long lasting color pencils

strengthens fine motor skills

High-quality sturdy and thick paper


Not a lot of colors included with the pencils

Melissa & Doug Art Set

This art set is everything your child needs to start creating masterpieces when inspiration strikes. The variety of painting materials which come in large sizes will allow them to paint for a long time and you will be able to save money.

You will find 4 poster paint packages into easy-to-squeeze 8-ounce bottles. The colors are red, blue, yellow and green. Truly the bases they need to create all the shades and other colors. The 4 spill-proof paint cups allow mixing of the paints with water without mixing them with the rest of the colors. In this set, you also get 4 medium-size paintbrushes, a dry-erase marker and eraser, and a roll of white bond paper.

If your child ever gets tired of painting onto a paper, this set includes 10 jumbo colored chalk sticks to draw while playing outside.


The paint is washable

All other parts are dishwasher-safe

the paintbrushes have easy-grip handles for superior control

the dry-erase marker and wood-handled felt eraser are durable;

the non-toxic, kid-safe chalk stalks in a rainbow of colors have a unique triangular design that prevents rolling;

the heavy-weight paper comes in a convenient roll.

Promotes creativity and fine motor skills


Contains Small Parts

The paint is hard to wash off

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

This Crayola art set is the ultimate set you and your kids will ever need. The reason why I call it the ultimate set is because it includes 140 pieces of crayons, markers that are washable, colored pencils and 15 large sheets of paper.

The most convenient thing about it is that it comes in a large suitcase that has all the coloring materials well organized. This way you will always know if something is missing and you’re able to get rid of all the clutter that accumulates with toys and other children’s stuff.


A large variety of materials:

  • 64 Crayola Crayons
  • 20 Crayola Short Colored Pencils
  • 40 Crayola Washable Markers
  • 15 large sheets of paper

Comes in a nicely packed briefcase


Carrying case might get broken because it’s a bit too large

Markers hard to wash off

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

Every aspiring artist will find what they need in this art & creativity set. The great thing about this coloring set is that it has plenty of pieces, 142 to be precise, that will provide the needed colors and shades for every picture. A sharpener and eraser are included as well, along with their dedicated spot in the case. With this art set, you can always have your child’s coloring materials in place and never lose anything. Since it can be used for ages up to 16, this case includes 2 sketch pencils that are excellent for the more advanced artists. They are perfect for making drafts and lines before coloring with the rest of the materials.


Sophisticated carrying case

A large variety of materials:

  • 60 Crayons
  • 24 Oil Pastels, Watercolors, Color Pencils
  • 3 Mixing Palettes
  • 2 Sketch Pencils
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 Eraser

If the box is carried in the upright position the crayons might come out of their slots

The crayons might break during coloring

Darice 1103-02 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set

When your child is ready to expand their horizons and master new art techniques, the Darice Art Set comes into play. Namely, this deluxe packaging holds anywhere from 68 up to 131 coloring pieces, it’s up to you which one you choose. This is a fantastic way to help your child experiment with a variety of colors, learn about shades, and enhance their love for art. Again, out of convenience, it is great that the Darice Art Set comes in a snap-shut portable case which makes storing easier and losing impossible.


Elegant, black, snap-shut case that is portable

Enhances creativity

Plenty of price options for different numbers of pieces


Many small parts included

Not suitable for children under 3 years

Artist Studio Colossal Art Set By Alex Toys

This art set consists of astonishing 315 pieces of art material packed in a large storage case that will enable you to store all the pieces in one place, thus prevents against losing them. It is really safe to use as it has a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. With this large set of art materials, your child will be able to create an array of pictures and all the material will last for months. The storage case includes pastels, paper, fine and jumbo markers, watercolor cakes, 3 types of pencils, stickers, erasers, sharpeners, brushes, and pallets. It’s really versatile and your child will be able to produce different kinds of art.


Large, versatile set of:

  • 40 sheets of heavyweight paper
  • 40 crayons
  • 20 pastels
  • 48 fine tip markers and 36 jumbo markers
  • 36 watercolor cakes and 24 watercolor pencils
  • 24 colored pencils and 3 drawing pencils
  • 4 white erasers and a kneaded eraser
  • 4 sharpeners
  • 18 paint brushes and 2 pallets

Winner of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Warranty is available – request it through customer service prior buying


Comes with small pieces making it hazardous to small children

Stencils and Drawing Art Set for Kids by Creativ’ Craft

It isn’t approved by the Parents Golden Award for no reason. If you’re looking to teach your child to draw real figures as they are, this educational art set is the right one for you. It enhances their creativity, but it also teaches them a lot about shapes of animals and plants. Learning isn’t all about fun and games, but it’s pretty close, and your child will love learning with this art set. It is ideal as a gift as well, because with it you cannot go wrong. It comes with 13 Grade A soft colored pencils, 20 A4 premium 28lb paper sheets, 12 sturdy and robust stencils boards, 1 sharpener, 1 mechanical pen and 1 pencil case. All this is packed in a nice travel case that you can bring anywhere with you. Furthermore, the shapes are 260+ and include the letters, numbers, geometric shapes, flowers, and animals. By drawing into each shape, your child will develop drawing skills but also learn a lot about the different shapes. These reusable stencil boards can be used with airbrush, paint, watercolor and all coloring material.


The stencil set complies with the U.S. Toy Safety Standards for kids of age 4+

1-year money back manufacturer guarantee

Free replacement warranty


Some stencils are hard to fit a pencil in to outline

Some pencils too dry to work

Crayola Signature Sketch & Detail

This set can mean fun for the entire family. The children can enjoy the high-quality markers and the sketch papers and the adults can boost their drawing and sketching skills with the 32 double-tipped markers.

The carrying case is sleek and decorative, so it’s perfect for those always on the go or as a gift for someone who loves Crayoligraphy Calligraphy.


Elegant carrying case

High-quality markers everyone can use


Doesn’t come with plenty of drawing/coloring materials

Large 55-Piece Stencil Set for Kids

This is a very large set of stencils that will teach your little one new figures and shapes.

What better way to improve their skills than guiding them with the stencils? This way your child works on their drawing abilities effortlessly.


Stencils designed with durable, high quality material

12 Sturdy Plastic Stencils, 1 Base Board, 2 Exclusive Sliding Clips, 20 Paper Sketch Pad, 15 Sharpened Colored Pencils, 1 Child Friendly Scissors, 1 Sharpener+ 2 Bonus Stick Sheets

Convenient, easy to manage carrying case

Non-toxic materials


The child might need help managing the stencils in the beginning

Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers and Paper Set

Introduce the basics of drawing and coloring to your child with this extended set by Crayola. It has 25 markers and 40 sheets of paper for your little one, and all washable markers for your convenience.

It also comes with bonus sketches that your child can color which is a great boost into drawing better elements.


Complete, on-the-go art set with durable storage case

Washable markers

40 sheets of high-quality paper


The case is sturdy to manage

No other art materials included

Compare and pick the best

Use this table below to help you pick the one that suits you best:

Klutz Coloring Cute$5 double-tipped colored pencils in 10 colors and a coloring book of 72 pages filled with imagination-boosting patterns.
Perforated pages to tear and share.
★★★★☆*** EDITOR'S CHOICE ***
Excellent coloring page to start with. Really stands out for the perforated pages.
Melissa & Doug Art Set$$$4 poster paint packages
4 spill-proof paint cups
4 medium-size paintbrushes
1 dry-erase marker and eraser
1 roll of white bond paper
10 jumbo colored chalk sticks
★★★☆☆Very versatile. It includes many elements well-thought of and well-designed for all-age painters
Crayola Inspiration Art Case$$140 pieces of crayons
washable markers
15 large sheets of paper
colored pencils
★★★★★Great value for money
Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set$$$$142 pieces
sharpener and eraser
2 sketch pencils
★★★★☆Convenient wooden case that looks luxurious.
Darice 1103-02 120-Piece Deluxe Art Set$$$$$Deluxe packaging with up to 131 pieces
snap-shut portable case
★★★★☆Very good quality case
Many pieces for coloring of every kind
Artist Studio Colossal Art Set By Alex Toys$$315 pieces of art material such as: pastels, paper, fine and jumbo markers, watercolor cakes, 3 types of pencils, stickers, erasers, sharpeners, brushes, and pallets. ★★★★★The only one with a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Excellent value for money.
Stencils and Drawing Art Set for Kids by Creativ’ Craft$$$13 Grade A soft colored pencils, 20 A4 premium 28lb paper sheets, 12 sturdy and robust stencils boards, 1 sharpener, 1 mechanical pen 1 pencil case
Packed in travel case
★★★☆☆Great for introducing new shapes and ways to draw to your child.
ALEX Toys Artist Studio Portable Art Set$$A large variety of coloring materials
Additional art elements
★★★★☆Good value for money
Crayola Ultimate Art Case$$$High-quality case for people on the go
Excellent for traveling
★★★★☆Very nicely organized
Easy to carry to school
Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Pad$$Excellent way to introduce new techniques for coloring and drawing★★★★★A different approach to boosting creativity
Excellent as a toy alternative to drawing
Spirograph Design Tin Set$$$High-quality tools for new drawing and coloring techniques
Fun for the entire family
★★★★☆Suitable to introduce new techniques for coloring and drawing
Crayola Signature Sketch & Detail$Excellent for advancing your drawing/coloring skills ★★★★☆Although requires some experience in drawing and coloring, children can use the markers as well
Large 55-Piece Stencil Set for Kids$$Stencils designed with durable, high quality material★★★★☆A very extensive set of stencils that your child won't get tired of easily
Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers and Paper Set$$Complete, on-the-go art set with durable storage case
40 sheets of high-quality paper
Washable markers
★★★★☆We loved the high-quality markers and the large paper set. Excellent value for money

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