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Let Your Baby Get Into A Dream World With The Best Lullaby Albums

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Identifying the Best Lullaby Albums For Your Baby

James Fenton rightly states “The Lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to transform herself back from an ogre to a saint”. Do you know that response to sound is one of the crucial developed abilities in a newborn? It is essential to nurture kids with music right from the birth.

Understanding the importance of lullabies in the development of babies, some hospitals pipe lullaby music into rooms, where mothers feed their babies. So, it is time to start collecting the best lullaby albums for your baby.

What is a Lullaby?

Lullaby, otherwise called as a cradle song is a calming musical piece that is generally sung or played for kids. You might be aware that the purpose of lullabies varies. Yes, in some civilizations mothers use them as the teaching tool to help kids know the cultural and traditional values.

On the other hand, it is also used for developing communication skills and for regulation of behavior. Besides all these things, lullabies are used as a sleep aid for infants. So, the music, in general, is repetitive and simple.

Finding the Best Lullaby Albums for your Infant

It is true that you will come across many lullaby albums when you begin your search. But, will everything suit and soothe your baby is the question. Luckily, we have done some research on your behalf to make your job easier.

Remember that a lot of development happens in infants when they sleep. So, choosing the best lullaby albums for a sound sleep of your baby is important. We have shortlisted some of the albums here to make your job easier.

The Best Lullaby Albums

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles

The Beatles are highly popular songwriters and not just for babies and kids, their songs suit people of all age groups. This album will glide your little one out across the universe in his dream.


The album will take your baby through the garden of an octopus. At the end of the lullaby road, golden slumbers wait for your little baby to take him to the excellent world of sound sleep.


Soothing music
Beautiful lullaby interpretation


Sounds like chirping birds are missing in this album

Disney Lullaby Album

This Amazon’s Choice is among the best lullaby albums from Greg Diakun Fred Mollin. The Disney Lullaby Album is a great addition to the bedtime of your little one.


With this instrumental musical album, you can prepare your baby for a comforting and comfortable sleep every night. The musical memories will last for the lifetime starting with twinkle, twinkle, little star.


Soothing music for babies
Great for bedtime
Beautifully orchestrated


Fully instrumental. Some kids love words

A Child’s Gift of Lullabies

This album is a Grammy Award Nominee for children category. Created by Aaron Brown, this album has the valuable collection of lyrics and melodies that were created with care and love not just for young, but also for the old.


The album has the collection of 9 songs both with lyrics and instrumental version, thereby providing the chance to get all kids to sleep, regardless of whether they love instrumental or lyrical-based music.


Both instrumental and lyric-based songs
Full-color and illustrated lyric book is a fun learning tool for kids.
Designed to instill positive thoughts
A family favorite recording


A bit costly as compared to other lullabies in the market

Fisher-Price Hush Little Baby Soothing Vocal Lullabies Music

Fisher Price is a trusted brand in the kids’ world. Fisher Price offers this most soothing vocal lullabies music album. They say that this album will help with improving social and emotional, cognitive and also physical skills in young little kids.


It will motivate curiosity and discovery, imagination & creativity, thinking & problem-solving, academics and many other skills in little ones.


Creates a soothing atmosphere for the entire family
You can sing or hum along
Promotes sensory skills
Instills security and happiness


No instrumentals

Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture

Written by the artist Scripture Lullabies and composed by Jay Stocker, this is Amazon’s Choice album. The album encompasses three volumes. The first volume presents a moving musical experience to the babies and it sounds more like a movie soundtrack as compared to being just nursery music. Not just babies, this album brings in a profound effect on the minds of listeners of any age.


Nightmares and stress will disappear when you play this.


Not just during sleep, this is a soothing album to listen when you drive
Takes you close to spirituality
Keeps great atmosphere at home


Might not suit families reluctant about spirituality

We Dream: Vol. 1 – Helps You and Your Baby Fall Asleep

This album from board-certified music therapist Ryan Judd has a collection of rest and relaxation songs. The sounds of ocean waves will take you and your baby close to nature apart from the pleasing guitar music in this album. This album is the winner of the Parents’ Choice Award.


In this album, you will get lullabies composed by the certified music therapist and the music is played at the rhythm of the resting heart rate. Your baby will get a womb-like sound experience and the album also procures a white noise to prevent distraction to your baby from household sounds. Further, a portion will be donated to a non-profits organization that provides free music therapy in New England for pediatric cancer patients.


You will get the satisfaction of contributing to a noble cause by shopping this album.
The ocean wave sound and guitar music will take your baby close to nature.
Album with the Parents’ Choice Award


Instrumental music and ocean sound alone
No lyrics

Comparison Chart

So, choose from one of these best lullaby albums and let your baby get into an excellent world at nights. Here is a table to show the instant comparison of the best albums:

ProductPhotoCustomer RatingFeaturesMP3Audio CD Cost
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles 

Editor's Choice
The soothing music will help your baby fall asleep quickly.
Moms can sing along with the album
Disney Lullaby Album
Soothing music for babies.
Great for bedtime.
Beautifully orchestrated
A Child's Gift of LullabiesBoth instrumental and lyric-based songs.
Full-color and illustrated lyric book is a fun learning tool for kids.
Fisher-Price Hush Little Baby Soothing Vocal Lullabies MusicCreates a soothing atmosphere for the entire family.
You can sing or hum along.
Promotes sensory skills
Hidden In My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture
Not just during sleep, this is a soothing album to listen when you drive.
Keeps great atmosphere at home
We Dream: Vol. 1 - Helps You and Your Baby Fall Asleep Album with the Parents’ Choice Award.
Ocean wave

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