Gifts: Best Toys for 1-Year-Old Boys

Our list of the best toys for 1-year-old boys!

1 year old boy playing with toys

The older they get, the more difficult it becomes to buy your children anything for their birthdays without them having a say in it. So, be glad that your boy is only just turning 1 years old, because he certainly will enjoy and make the most out of whatever it is that you choose to buy for him.

When making a decision on what to get your son, it’s best to buy them something that will be educational as well as entertaining. We’re not saying that you should buy him a box set of Sesame Street, but buying him a toy that helps him develop certain skills and attributes is most definitely a plus!

So to help with that, we’ve made a list of toys that will be both fun and educational for your little man.

Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

mega bloks best toys for 1 year old boys

There’s no better way to introduce your 1-year-old son to the world of creativity than to buy him his first set of Mega Bloks.

Mega Bloks is the equivalent of Lego but for babies and toddlers. This is an ideal choice for a birthday gift because it will improve hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills.

Building blocks will provide your son with many days of enjoyment and turn him into a little engineer.

  • Has 80 jumbo blocks that are easy to hold, especially for small hands.
  • Comes with a big bag, making storing all the pieces easier.
  • Improves coordination and motor skills.
  • Encourages creativity.
  • There are a lot of block pieces.
  • No user guide or manual is included.

Nuby Octopus Bath Toy

Octopus bath toy best toys for 1 year old boys

To a 1-year-old, bathtime is never seen as the time of day to wash all of the day’s activities off of them. Instead, to them, bathtime is regarded as playing around but only this time it’s in a little pool of water.

So, to make this time ever more fun and adventurous, we’ve added the Nuby Octopus bath toy. This octopus has tentacles that are turned upward and a face that is extremely welcoming.

The turnt up tentacles can serve as a bathtime activity by having the rings that are included in the toy set to be placed around a tentacle.

This toy also promotes and develops hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills.

  • The hoops are colorful which will keep your son engaged and intrigued.
  • By throwing the hoops, hand-eye coordination will be developed early on.
  • The octopus floats on the water, which makes bathtime all the more fun.
  • This toy set is BPA-free.
  • Isn’t PCV-free.

Musical Rhymes Book

rhymes book best toys for 1 year old boys

Music is a valuable part of a child’s brain development. Your 1-year-old son can most definitely benefit from having a musical book is his little arsenal of toys.

This musical toy book has more than 40 songs, sound effects and phrases as well as 6 nursery rhymes.

This book will be highly entertaining to your son and has an interactive twinkling star. The different colors and buttons on this book will serve well to develop motor skills in your little man.

  • Easy-to-turn pages that are also durable.
  • Makes use of colors and buttons to stimulate your child’s creative side.
  • Lots of bright colors and a character that will keep your son entertained.
  • Nursery rhymes are limited to 6 songs.
  • The pages could run the risk of pinching your child’s fingers in-between them.

Step2 Whisper Ride II

step2 whisper ride best toys for 1 year old boys

Cars are one of the things at the top of the list of toys that boys want growing up. So why not get your son a Whisper Ride II stroller?

It will provide both you, the parent, and your son with some fun and activity. Take your son for a stroll around the block in this car and watch him light up with enjoyment, all while you get some physical activity in.

The Ride II will provide your son with a sense of importance, now that he has his very own car.

  • Comes with two cup holders to keep your son’s bottle and perhaps yours too when taking a walk in the park.
  • Has a built-in seatbelt for safety and a real feel.
  • Patented Quiet Ride Wheels make for a lovely and quiet stroll.
  • Is easy to assemble and comes with a foldable handle as well as detachable parts.
  • Can only hold a weight of up to 50 pounds.

Spin & Learn Color Flashlight

spin and learn flashlight best toys for 1 year old boys

If there’s one thing that men all across the world need, it’s a flashlight! And why not get one for your son to get him started on his misadventures!

Although this might be a flashlight, it is also a valuable learning tool. This toy has everything needed to teach your son about colors and numbers. The colorful lights will teach him about different colors and provide him with interaction.

This flashlight is a handy toy for educating a child on colors, numbers, animals, and sounds.

  • Can be used as a standard flashlight along with the different colors that are on the head of the flashlight.
  • Has a built-in shut off system in case the flashlight is forgotten on.
  • It has three buttons on the side that can play animal sounds, songs as well as an interactive game.
  • The light can be overstimulating to little children and toddlers, especially before bedtime.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

development ball best toys for 1 year old boys

Not only is this a soft ball, but it’s a soft ball with all kinds of textures and bumps on it. As the name implies, this is a ball and toy that is aimed at helping the development of your child.

Every bump on the development ball has a different texture than the one next to it. There are also two domes with plastic balls in them that could double as rattlers.

This toy will do exceptionally well in developing your son’s hand-eye coordination.

  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • The different textures help to develop a child’s tactile sensitivity and feel for objects.
  • The size of the bumps are big and easy enough for a toddlers hands to grip onto.
  • The variety of high contrast colors will keep your child engaged and focused.
  • The rattles on the ball will keep your child engaged without causing an annoying noise.
  • The ball isn’t washer safe and needs to washed by hand.

Highland Cow Soft Toy

highland cow soft toy

Here we have a stuffed toy that will surely snuggle it’s way into the heart of any toddler. This highland cow stuffed toy is made by the famous company Living Nature, who are know for making the softest realistic-looking soft toys in the world.

This docile highland cow also moo’s when you press its hoof.

  • Is super soft and ideal for nap time.
  • It moo’s when you press the hoof, which will keep toddlers entertained.
  • Requires batteries.

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

vtech turn and learn toy

Here’s another great toy from the VTech company! This comes very close to what every little boy will want in a toy.

The Turn and Learn Driver has a beautiful setup of different colors, a steering wheel, gear lever, side mirror, signal light lever, and 5 interactive buttons that play a sound whenever they’re pressed.

This toy will do well to help develop your child’s motor skills with all the levers and buttons found on this toy. It will also help him to develop his imaginative thinking by playing his own little game, going on adventures to who-knows-where, all while sitting in the same spot!

  • The top 5 buttons teach about about different animals and cars, which makes this toy double as a teaching tool.
  • The steering wheel, gear and blinker lever, and various buttons will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  • The Turn and Learn has 3 different play modes that are focused around driving, music, and animals.
  • It has a short battery life due to all the buttons, functions and sounds.

Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

tree top adventure

This could be the next best thing to get those creative attributes to grow. This fun little wooden “land” has an array of adventures made up of four quadrants with each having their own variety of animals and beads on loops.

This playset has three built-in tracks that have animal gliders on them along with colorful beads and spinners.

The entire set is decorated with beautiful colors and objects like birds, leaves, and fruits. Every piece on this toy set is designed to help develop a child in some way, such as developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and their creativity.

  • Made using wood from sustainable forests.
  • Develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Has four quadrants which could allow for another toddler to join the adventure.
  • It could tip over if a toddler decides to climb it.

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop

**Editor’s Choice**

laugh and learn smart stages laptop

Here’s a really great learning toy that your 1-year-old son will benefit from. The LAugh and Learn Smart Stages laptop has 3 different levels of play that can also be switched through manually depending on your child’s level of development.

This laptop has a colorful numeric keypad with different shapes debossed on them which can help develop a child’s sense of feel or touch.

The 3 stages of learning on this laptop are design to be a form of progressive development. Every stage is as interactive and engaging as the next, so your son won’t get bored playing with it. Every stage becomes more challenging than the previous one which helps with development.

  • The progressive stages of the Laugh and Learn laptop are targeted for the brain development of 6, 12, and 18+ month old toddlers.
  • Has more than 30 songs, phrases, and tunes.
  • The screen blinks letters, pictures, and words will visually engage your child and help them learn and develop their memory.
  • There are 9 buttons and a toggle switch that will allow for some engaging playtime and help develop motor skills.
  • It gives the parent full control over all of the songs, phrases, and tunes so that they can choose which is most appropriate for their child.
  • The only language is English.
  • There is no volume button or switch.

Green Toys Dump Truck

green toys dump truck

This toy dump truck is made from 100% recycled plastic and is free from any phthalates and BPA. This toy can be especially enjoyed if there’s a sandpit at home or when you’re on holiday at the beach. But even your son plays with is inside the house or in the garden, it will still offer him countless hours of pure enjoyment.

  • This is a green and environment-friendly toy that goes to show the company’s commitment to cleaner living.
  • Made right here in the USA with high quality materials.
  • No batteries are required to play.
  • Free from BPA and other phthalates.
  • The truck bed will tip if too much weight is added onto it.

Smart Shots Sports Center

smart shots sport center

Here we have a toy that combines both basketball and soccer into one. If there’s anything on this list that I’d recommend to help improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and physical development, it would be this guy!

The LED screen on the backboard keeps score, which will encourage your little man to go at it time after time an bump those numbers up.

On the frame of the goal posts, there are buttons which will also allow for some interactive learning as well as physical development.

Another benefit of the Smart Shots Sport Center is that it encourages playtime by lighting up everytime your son dunks the ball or scores a goal.

  • The Smart Shots Sport Center offers both basketball and soccer as an activity.
  • The LED screen lights up and plays music every time a goal is scored or the ball is dunked.
  • The physical activity of kicking or throwing a ball develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Comes with more than 50 built-in songs to teach your child about shapes, sounds, and numbers.
  • It runs on batteries and no batteries are included with the toy.

My Little Railway Set Toy

my little railway set

I remember when I got my very first train set, and I know for a fact that I would’ve enjoyed this one just as much, if not more!

This little train set is ideal as a beginner set, especially for a 1-year-old. Made from top quality wood, this set will keep you son entertained for a good amount of time! The set includes a xylophone bridge which chimes whenever the toy train crosses over it.

Opposite the bridge is a little box of jumping monkeys which pop out each time the train passes by.

  • The toy set is made of high quality wood, which makes it durable.
  • Lots of vibrant colors.
  • Each train cart is a different character than the next.
  • The monkeys need to be reset each time they pop out.

My First Animal Train

my first animal train set

This 25-piece toy set introduces toddlers to the world of magnetism, and does it in a way that is both safe and fun.

This colorful toy set has three animals; one lion and two elephants. It also includes a train driver and a train with three carts — one for each animal.

The magnetic parts of the animals are large and click easily together, which is especially helpful for when a toddler plays with it. This set could also encourage creativity and develop hand-eye coordination, especially when it comes to taking the animals apart and putting them back together.

  • Made up of vibrant colors.
  • The animals have interchangeable bodies that can be mixed and matched.
  • The magnetic parts are extra large and snap into place quite easily.
  • If not careful, the magnetic parts could go missing.


While there are many toys available out there, we’ve chosen to list the ones that we think will be most beneficial from a learning and skills development standpoint.

Review our table below to compare each toy with the next.

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag$$The building blocks are large and contains 80 building blocks.
Nuby Octopus Bath Toy$$A floating octopus with colorful rings.
Musical Rhymes Book$Easy-to-turn pages and is visually stimulating.
Step2 Whisper Ride II$$$$Provides fun for the child and parent.
Spin & Learn Color Flashlight$Easy to hold and carry for toddlers and has an array of colorful lights.
Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball$Promotes hand-eye coordination and has lots of textures and feels.
Highland Cow Soft Toy$$$Made by Living Nature who are known for making the softest toys out there.
Turn and Learn Driver$Promotes creative thinking and imaginative playtime.
Tree Top Adventure Activity Center$$$$Beautifully decorated, will provide hours of playtime, and develop motor skills.
Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Laptop$$It has a progressive learning system that spans from 6 months to 18+ months.
Green Toys Dump Truck$Made with 100% recycled plastic and is free from BPA and other phthalates.
Smart Shots Sports Center$$$Is ideal for physical development and motor skills.
My Little Railway Set Toy$$$$$Made from quality materials, and has a a xylophone built into the tracks.
My First Animal Train$$$The animals have interchangeable magnetic bodies.

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