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Gift shopping for an adolescent can prove to be a difficult task, but shopping for a boy before he enters into his teenage years, on the other hand, is a little easier.

Parents should cherish those “pre” teen years when it comes to buying gifts. Once a child reaches his twenties, then it becomes a whole different ball game regarding presents.

At the age of 12, children still enjoy playing with toys despite the rapidly growing rate of electronics and children spending time on their phones and computers.

Having a child play with toys stimulates creative thinking and imagination as well as developing certain skills and abilities. Playing with Legos, for example, will build a creative and stimulating environment for a child to develop.

We’ve created a list that we think will be ideal gifts for boys turning 12 years old, and gifts that they will enjoy as well as develop certain skills from.

Best Toys for 12 Year Old Boys

Professor Puzzle’s Think Outside the Box

best toys for 12 year olds

Here we have a puzzle game. The goal of this toy is to figure out how to open the trick box to see what contents it holds.

This toy will challenge a child’s ability to “think outside the box” and get their creative and thinking juices flowing.

If this box proves to be too difficult to figure out, the solution can be found on Professor Puzzle’s website.

Remote Control Wall-Climbing Spider

wall spider best toys for 12 year olds

This a world-class pranking toy if I’ve ever seen one. Just be warned: If you buy this for your 12-year-old, chances are that he’s going to use it to scare you at one point or another.

This remote controlled spider can effortlessly climb a wall or ceiling without falling off. It features a lightweight body which allows it to climb vertically.

It works by having a suction fan which basically vacuums the spider tight against a wall.

Instant Table Tennis

instant table tennis best toys for 12 year olds

A clever little invention to turn almost any table top into a game of table tennis.

This set comes with a retractable net that attaches to table tops that are 1.75 inches thick and 75 inches wide. The posts that keep the net up have clasps underneath them that are used to clamp onto the edge of the tables.

It comes in a compact design, so it won’t take up much storage space when the kids aren’t using it.

2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone

hyder drift drone best toys for 12 year olds

Get ready for some drone-flying skills to be put to the test!

The 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone can be raced on the ground or flown in the air. This drone has a turbo drone power source which allows it to fly at shockingly fast speeds — ideal for a boy.

The drone is made with a self-righting cage to ensure that it always lands the right side up. The cage also protects it from suffering any external damage if it flies into objects.

Air Shot — Floating Target Game

air shot best toys for 12 year olds

A wonderfully entertaining game! Who wouldn’t enjoy shooting floating targets with sucker darts?

This game works by air blown out of the target air base, keeping little styrofoam balls afloat. At the base of the air blasters are little green dials which can be turned to adjust the height at which the styrofoam balls levitate.

Kingii Dragon Robot Science Kit

**Editor’s Choice**

kingii dragon best toys for 12 year olds

What kid wouldn’t like to build their very own robotic AI lizard? The answer? There isn’t any.

This toy comes with a highly detailed manual that makes it fairly simple to assemble all the parts in order to create this robotic lizard and program its infrared sensor to follow your child around as a pet or to “train” it to run away from danger.

In escape mode (when it runs away), the lizard will unfurl its frill and give it a good shaking while dropping its jaw and illuminating its bicolor LED eyes as it runs away with its fast-moving legs.

Fifty Pranks to Freak your Friends

fifty pranks best toys for 12 year olds

This set includes everything that a boy needs to become a pro prankster.

Not only will this work as something that a child can use to prank friends and family members, but it can also be used to amuse them and entertain them.

The booklet that comes with this prankster set contains 50 classic pranks that can be played on friends or family, this includes the computer screen crack, the fly frozen in an ice cube, the fake coffee spill, and many more others.

LEGO: Old Fishing Store

lego best toys for 12 year olds

And, of course, we couldn’t leave good ol’ LEGO off this list.

Growing up, many of us had LEGOs to play with, and we would play with them for hours — creating our own little world and universe, void of all the rules and laws of reality. One such law was the law of gravity.

This LEGO set is an intricate fishing store which depicts the appearance of a classic, worn out fishing store that you would find in a small town.

Multicade 230 Mini Arcade Machine

mini arcade best toys for 12 year olds

Here we have a little throwback into the past. Now our kids can experience the same type of electronic fun that we did as youngsters.

The Multicade mini arcade features 230 classic built-in games which are played using the joystick and two function buttons. The games compose of many 16-bit puzzle, fantasy, and retro sports games that will put skills and dexterity to the test.

This mini arcade features a 2.4″ full color display and up to 4 hours of play time.

Compose Yourself — Music Card Game

compose yourself best toys for 12 year old boys

A little something to appeal to the musical side in your child. This allows them to create their very own musical masterpieces.

This set contains 60 music cards that can be rotated or flip in any which way possible in order to create a unique musical score. Instructions and tips by world-renowned composer Philip Sheppard on how to get started are included in this kit.

Once a score has been created, it can be played online by a real orchestra.

Compare and Choose

In case you want a quick recap and comparison, we’ve prepared a table with each of the toys along with their ratings and prices.

ProductImagePrice FeaturesRating
Professor Puzzle's Think Outside the Box$$Encourages problem-solving and creative thinking.
Remote Control Wall-Climbing Spider$$$Can be used as an innocent prank. Requires 6 AA batteries to operate.
Instant Table Tennis$$Can be set up on almost any table for a quick game of table tennis.
2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone$$Can be flown or used as a ground racing drone. Requires 2 AAA batteries to operate.
Air Shot -- Floating Target Game$$1 target air base, 1 air-powered blaster, 6 soft foam darts, and 12 soft styrofoam balls
Kingii Dragon Robot Science Kit$$$Can be "trained" to be a pet and to escape from danger.
Fifty Pranks to Freak your Friends$$$Contains 50 unique and classic pranks.
LEGO: Old Fishing Store$$$$$Provides hours of fun, building and putting the pieces together. Contains 2049 LEGO pieces.
Multicade 230 Mini Arcade Machine$$$$Has up to 4 hours play time, 230 built-in games, and a 2.4" color screen.
Requires 3 AA batteries to operate.
Compose Yourself -- Music Card Game$$Contains 60 music cards that can be turned into a unique musical masterpiece.

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