Choosing The Best Toys For Two-Year-Old Girls

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How do you choose the best toys for your two-year-old girl?

You might think that buying toys for your little girls or as gifts for friends who have daughters is pretty easy and straightforward. Well, try walking into a toy shop and you’ll be shocked and overwhelmed at the seemingly ocean-wide array of toys targeting the 0-3 age bracket. What’s more daunting is that all these claim to be all things appropriate – age, developmental needs, and a whole lot of brouhahas.

So, how will you know the toys you get for your two-year-old daughter are the right ones for her?

This article aims to answer that question by giving you the eight tips you need to remember when going toy shopping. Furthermore, we exhaustively went through the many options out there to give you the eight best toys that fit the bill to a T.

With this article, you can use the tips the next time you go toy-buying or just conveniently pick up from our eight best toys’ list for less hassle. Either way is a win, so game on!

Two-Year-Old Girl Toy Summary Guide

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesRating
The Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Sets$100-piece wooden block set in an assortment of 4 colors and 9 shapes.
Fisher-Price Loving Family, My First Dollhouse Set$$A five-room dollhouse set made ideally for toddlers; included figures sized rightly for little, chubby hands.
Play-Doh Burger Barbecue Toy$A basic burger and fries-making play dough toy set; it's simplicity is perfect for two-year-old princesses.
Green Toys Dump Truck, Pink$$A pink-lavender dump truck with movable dumper that's great for sand area plays.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella First Baby Doll For Ages 1 Year And Up$$A soft, cuddly baby doll with removable clothes, diaper and even pacifier.

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube$$A cube-shaped educational toy for toddlers with five playable faces filled with activities and with over 75 songs, melodies and sounds.
Little Tikes First Slide$$A basic slide that's about 3 feet tall; ideal for toddlers' active play indoors or out.
ThinkFun Roll And Play Game For Toddlers$$A toddler-appropriate, active activity game played by rolling the plush dice included in the package.
Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table$$An interactive water-play table with a bucket and water-squirting balls your toddler and her friends will have fun playing with.
AquaDoodle Travel Doodle Pad$A portable water-based doddle mat that uses a pen which won't work on other surfaces (as its just plainly water); lots of mess-free, scrawly fun.
LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set$$A musical tea set that teaches little girls (and boys!) good manners, color matching, number counting, and just having fun while playing pretend tea.
Step2 Cottage-Like Playhouse$$$A quaint cottage-like playhouse every toddler will love with its mini-kitchen, a door that opens/closes and real floors she can clean.
FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent$$This portable and can-be-stored play tent is ideal for parents who don't have the money to buy expensive ready-made playhouses or the space for permanent ones.
6-Piece Pretend Cleaning Tool Set$$This 6-piece cleaning tools set for pretend housekeeping includes a dustpan, a mop, a duster, a brush and a broom.
Barbie Lights And Sounds Trike$$$A trike in bright, girl colors featuring the iconic Barbie brand and fitted with lights and sounds for an active and fun play.

Pick out toys that are multi-functional

Two-year-olds are curious little people who love to explore. They learn best through doing and experiencing things. They are keen on taking toys apart, getting to know each and every part (at times literally by using their tongues!), try putting them back together or building something new. So, make sure you choose ones that are multi-functional and “open-ended” like wood blocks, interlocking blocks, and the ones intended for sand or water plays. In other words, pick up those that invite free-play. In doing so, you’re encouraging your little girl to use her imagination. You’re also helping her develop her logical and problem-solving skills. Below are lots of details for all our recommendations.

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

This 100-piece building block set in an assortment of four hues and nine shapes is the ideal block set to give your ‘lil lady. I had one of these when I was a toddler and played with it until I was eight years old. It kept me occupied for hours’ end making my own bridges or my own barn for my animal figures.


Made of smooth-finished wood with rounded edges, so they’re quite safe

Bright colors which toddlers love

Durable and long-lasting

Thoroughly tested for kids’ safety


The set comes in a carton storage box that’s not as durable as its contents

Choose the ones that will “grow” along with your child

Yes, we do believe that the toys we get for our kids need to be age-appropriate but your choices don’t have to be that limited. There are a lot of age-appropriate toys that your little girl will still love even when she grows way past the toddler stage. Perfect examples of these are stuffed animals or dolls, doll houses that are toddler-friendly, and even automobile toys and action figures.

Fisher-Price Loving Family, My First Dollhouse

This is the perfect dollhouse for two-year-olds as the figures included and made for this particular set are sized just right for little hands. The dollhouse features five rooms – living room, kitchen, bathroom, parents’ room and nursery – and includes mom, dad and baby figures. Other fixtures are bought separately.


Ideal for toddler girls as figures are sized ideally for small hands

Dollhouse promotes hand coordination as the player arranges furniture and move things around. It also encourages free-play, thereby enhancing the child’s imagination

Good for little girls and for boys, too.

Dollhouses are classic toys every girl loves to tinker with – may they be 2 or 10.


Dollhouse fixtures are not included in the set and are somewhat expensive to buy.

Buy toys that let them explore and encourage them to solve things on their own

Playing gives kids, in general, the opportunity to try new skills on their own on repeat. Additionally, it allows them to discover or learn new abilities. Let your little girl develop her hand-to-eye coordination, her spatial skills (the understanding how things fit together) and her fine motor abilities (using her fingers) which she will eventually need come preschool time. Toys like clay, puzzles, nesting blocks, and even simple cut-and-paste activities do these.

Play-Doh Burger Barbecue Toy

Believe it or not, your two-year-old is ready for clay activities because:

  • By this age, the desire to explore things orally (meaning, tasting things out!) have decreased.
  • Two-year-olds already understand simple words like “No”.
  • They’re also able to comply with simple commands.
  • There’s a lesser chance of allergic reactions to the clay/playdough used.

This set from Play-Doh is simple enough for little kids yet still inspire them to do role-playing. And as clay activities need adult supervision, you can grab this chance to play diner with your little girl. Who knows, you might have a chef or a restaurateur in the making.


Safe for toddlers

Simple set ideal for little ones

Allows for role-playing, thus, encouraging creative free-play


Still needs adult supervision (though on a brighter side, you can use this chance for a playful interaction with your princess)

Little hands might find it difficult to remove the clay from their molds

Be on the lookout for toys that spark your little girl’s imagination

Role-playing starts during your child’s toddler phase. And it’s best to encourage this as by doing so, you’re also igniting her imagination and creative abilities. Furthermore, role-playing develop your child’s literacy, language, sequencing events and problem-solving skills. Toys that bring about pretend-play best suit this toy-finding advice.

Green Toys Dump Truck, Pink

Who says toy trucks are for boys only? This rocks it with pink! As it’s promotional snippet says, little girls can “get down and dirty while still staying pretty” with this toy dump truck with its pink-lavender color combo. additionally, Green Toys are made from recycled plastics, so you’re giving your child the legacy of enjoying a “green” earth as she grows up.


No BPA, phthalates, or PVC

Dumper functions fully making it an ideal toy for playing in the sand area

Greatly encourages active free-play, indoors or out


Very simplistic so your little girl might lose interest in it rather quickly

Allow your child to play with the “real” stuff – toys that imitate actual things like foodstuffs, tools, cleaning gears and the likes

Whether it’s through letting her play with actual household items like plates, bowls or ladles (provided they’re child-friendly) to buying her toys that resemble the real deal, allowing your little princess to tinker with the real stuff (or at least their imitations) let’s her figure out how things work in the real world. And aside from thinking how cute she is as she copies mom or dad while on her toy phone, this kind of play also develops her problem-solving, spatial, and fine motor abilities.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella First Baby Doll For Ages 1 Year And Up

The Baby Stella doll is a toy that will bring out your toddler’s loving, nurturing side. Aside from having life-like details like a belly button and plump tummy, the doll will let her get the idea of how it is taking care of a baby. Moments with this doll are ripe opportunities for pretend-play and role-playing. This soft, cuddly doll is also an ideal bedtime companion. What’s more, when another baby is on the way, this is the kind of toy you can get to help prepare your child for the coming member of the family.


Soft and cuddly; an ideal bedtime buddy

Encourages pretend-play as well as role-playing; the perfect avenue to teach your toddler how to love and take care of someone

Includes accessories like pacifier, dress and diapers, all easy to remove and snap back on

The doll is made to look like real babies with belly buttons and plump bellies



Some buyers complain about how the diaper bottoms are poorly sewn

Get her educational toys that make her school ready

Toys like musical play-and-learn sets, books, even toddler-friendly crayons, paints and other art supplies help get your little girl used to the idea of learning and schooling. These will serve as her stepping stones to being school-ready come preschool. Additionally, allowing her to play with things that have written words on them nurtures her early writing and reading abilities.

VTech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

This toy is aptly named as it does pack a lot of goings-on that will keep your little girl (or boy!) interested and occupied. Five of its sides feature activities that tap into your princess’ different areas of learning – musical, familiarity with animal sounds and names, shapes, gears and beads she can turn for motor skills enhancement as well as a side for interactive play.


Packs a lot of activities that’ll really keep toddlers busy

Features over 75 songs, sounds, melodies, alphabets and phrases for your child’s learning

Has knobs and gears toddlers can tinker with and turn, thereby, developing their fine motor skills


Included batteries are for demo purposes only; you have to buy separate ones to make the toy fully functional

Pick up toys that nurture playing as a family

Cross-generational playing helps build and strengthen family bonds, caters to kids of various ages, enhances your toddler’s counting and matching skills, and teaches them how it is like to abide with rules, to listen and be a good sport when she finds herself on the losing side.

ThinkFun Roll And Play Game For Toddlers

ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

This game might be tailored to be toddler-appropriate but it doesn’t mean older kids can’t participate and won’t enjoy doing it. Plus, you get to have a whole lot of fun times with your kids all the while teaching your toddler “stealthily”.


Encourages active, cross-generational play all the while providing a fun learning experience


Quite simplistic; kids, in general, might lose interest playing it after a few times


Get toys that are made for active play

Toddlers love to move around. Encouraging and allowing them to do so helps build their body’s balance and improve their current physical skills. While it’s perfectly okay to get toys that make up for a quiet, self-play time, you also have to get ones that promote moving around and getting active, indoors or out.

Little Tikes First Slide


Based on personal experience, this is the ideal toy to get for little girls who love playing monkey! As my toddler (who, I believe, is a girl by heart but a tomboy in spirit) is forever shortening my lifespan with her climbing sprees around the house, I brought her this one and it has kept her and her older siblings occupied since. Aside from encouraging creative play (they built a carton fortress around the slide), I noticed that my toddler is always figuring out climbing-and-sliding methods that she thinks are fun.


Toddler-friendly as it’s not so tall (it’s 3 feet in height)

The slide’s base is sturdy

Versatile; you can combine it with other toys like inflatable pools and such

My kids find it fun!


The railings fell off a few times and needed a good pounding to keep them in place (other buyers also complained of the same thing)

Plus 7 More Toys that Fit the Guidelines!

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Toddlers seem to love playing with either dirt or water, so this water play table will surely be a hit. Designed for kids two years up to six years of age, this “water park” encourages playing and interacting with other kids, an ideal toy for play dates. Aside from the inclusions (a water cup and 5 round characters to play with), you can throw in some small-sized plastic balls to ante up the fun.


Value for money (based on the toy’s age-appropriateness of 2-6 years old which is quite a wide range)

Promotes sensory and motor development

Encourages interactive play


Not ideal for places where conserving water is crucial

AquaDoodle Travel Doodle Pad

For any toddler, the world is a canvas. I’m sure of this because my two-year-old angel is forever scrawling something on our home’s white walls! If you have a budding artist in hand, get her this toy from Aqua Doodle. There are doodle mats available, too, but I like this one particularly because of its portability. I get to bring it anywhere we go – restaurants, during church services, and especially during long travels.


Mess-free; pen works on the mat alone so you don’t have to worry about it adding to your already scrawl-filled walls or floors


Promotes hand-and-finger coordination as well as pencil/pen gripping

Encourages creative play


Scribbles come out in two colors only

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Having a tea party is a classic role-play that, arguably, every little girl loves to do on her own with her dolls, with friends or even with you. And while there a lot of toy tea sets in the market, this one from LeapFrog stands out because firstly, it’s musical; secondly, it’s colorful, and lastly, it somehow teaches good manners.


Bright colors very attractive to toddlers’ eyes

Musical; features a few songs (manufacturer says 7, buyers say 2) and some wise quips on good manners, numbers counting and color matching

Ideal for interactive play and creative play when the toddler is alone

Comes with a volume adjuster (for when the sounds become “too loud” for your ears)


The manufacturer doesn’t indicate if the product is BPA-free

Step2 Cottage-Like Playhouse

The internet lists a lot of benefits playhouses bring to kids in general. Some of the write-ups go as far as to claim that kids playing without structure or adult supervision make them more emotionally stable adults themselves in the future. Well, whatever the reasons are, the only thing that matters to me is that a playhouse allows my little Bambina to play without me having had to keep my “hawk eyes” at her at all times.


Designed to look like a quaint cottage with a mini-kitchen, a door that opens/closes and even real floors she can sweep and clean

Encourages imaginative pretend-play alone or with other toddler friends

Kids from 2 to 8/9 (at least, in my experience) found it a fun place to play in


Takes up space

A bit heavy to transport

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

If you can’t afford a playhouse, money, and space-wise, then having a portable play tent would be a more practical option for you. Your little girl will still have a play space of her own without a lot of money involved or the need to provide a permanent place for it.

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