Stocking Stuffers for Kids: Best Books to Stuff in Your Kids’ Stockings

Are you out of great stocking stuffer ideas for this year’s Christmas stocking? Delight your children and tap into their interests from a young age with some of the best books for kids this Christmas that’ll make the perfect stocking stuffers.

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When you’re a kid, Christmas Day is all about unwrapping the gifts under the Christmas tree and, of course, looking what’s hiding inside the magical stocking. This very special moment for little boys and girls across the world when they’re finally able to use and play with all the great stocking stuffers you’ve got them, is also a very memorable moment for you as a parent. Unfortunately, only after a few days the initial excitement fades, the treats are long gone, and the gag gifts, toys, and other goodies end up scattered across the house.

So, why not think outside the box this year and fill your kids’ stockings with both fun and educational stuffers that’ll be of use and last for a bit longer?

Surprise your children this Christmas Day and stuff their stockings with unique and awesome gifts we guarantee they’ll enjoy – super-fun yet educational storybooks for kids. We have a few great, fun storybooks to recommend as this year’s stocking stuffers that’ll teach your kids some important values and stimulate their interest to read and learn more. We’ve looked into hundreds of books for kids up to 9 years old and we stumbled across some great ones that’ll teach your kids about problem-solving and programming, outer space, empathy and compassion, eating healthy, starting a business and money, and a bunch of other things in a fun and engaging way.

These are the best books for kids out there that’ll make the perfect stocking stuffers, but don’t forget to include some treats or toys as well to make the stocking even more awesome.

Change-it Cho

Healthy eating is a habit that every parent would like to pass on to their children. However, explaining to your kids that some food choices, although tasty, are very bad for them can be hard and challenging. This is where Change-it Cho comes in.

Throughout this book, the main character Cho passes on the importance of eating foods that are healthy and nutritional in a very funny and engaging way. In our opinion, this is an exceptionally good book and a great stocking stuffer idea for your kids.

The story in Change-it Cho is about a little girl named Cho, who is very courageous and competitive, and loves winning races against George. Cho is also very conscious about what she eats, thanks to her parents who helped her build that important habit. One day Cho sees how many kids in the school eat junk food on daily basis. She then makes the decision to help and raise awareness about healthy eating.

Cho tries to open a fruit stall, however, the local council of the village does not allow her. She then gets a few challenges and complications that slow down her plan to raise awareness. Will Cho succeed in her goal? Will the other kids listen and learn something about their bad food choices?

Change-it Cho is a great book from which your kid can learn some very important lessons and make new, healthy habits. Learning from the confident and persistent Cho, kids now can read, laugh, and learn the value of eating healthy from a great role model. This witty book is an excellent choice for little girls and boys, especially as a Christmas gift that perfectly fits in the Christmas stockings.

There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library)

Is your son or daughter interested in outer space? If the answer is yes, we’ve got the book that’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas.

There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System is a great children’s book that’ll introduce your kid to our solar system in a simple yet interesting way. They’ll learn the basics of this important topic by taking a trip into space and joining the Cat in the Hat on an amazing adventure in space.

They’ll learn some cool facts about the planets in our solar system by visiting each planet and seeing it through the eyes of the Cat. Your kid will know that Mars is the planet closest to Earth where the days are hot while the nights very cold, Jupiter has a huge ring, Venus will never know what rain is, and much more. Moreover, they’ll familiarize themselves with the Sun, the Moon, and various constellations that you can search for together whenever the stars are visible.

This Dr. Seuss-inspired book is written in a simple style which makes it great for kids who are beginning or struggling to read. The writing uses a sing-song rhyming style so it’s not only enjoyable to read but also easy to memorize and perfect to be read aloud. It has beautiful illustrations that your kid will love and it’s both informative and humorous – great for every kid that shows some interest in this topic.

Walk-It Willow

Walk-It Willow is a fun and captivating book about work and money management for kids. It’s a book with a very important topic that may not be that interesting to children, however, it’s written and illustrated in such a way that will hold their attention and interest guaranteed.

The main character in this story is a girl named Willow. She’s a pet owner who loves passing time with her dog. One day, with the help of Miss Snippet, Willow realizes that she can help people while she walks their pets. She then starts to earn money and help others, all that while doing something that she loves to do on her own. This story about earning and managing money at an early age continues as Willow makes some mistakes and needs to make some important and hard choices afterward.

How will the story about Willow and her passion end? Will she make the right decisions so that she fixes her mistakes? Will she continue to work and earn money, and more importantly, how will she do that?

The goal of Walk-It Willow is for your kid to understand why money is important, how money management works, why it’s important for our society to exchange services or products for those green valuable papers, and much more. Walk-It Willow explains this very well and with your help, your kids can learn valuable lessons that’ll come in handy very soon.

The cute cover and beautiful illustrations make it much more fun, so stuff it in your kid’s stocking and you’ll make the right choice.

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig

If your kid is an animal lover or you simply want to teach him or her about empathy and compassion towards all animals as well as that families come in all shapes and sizes – this one will make a great stocking stuffer for your kid’s stocking this Christmas.

The book is based on a true story and it’s about a pig who lives with her two human dads and their two dogs and two cats. The story is about how they adopted her when she was only six weeks old thinking she’s a miniature pig that would remain small. However, Esther surprised everyone by growing and growing and growing so big that they eventually ended up buying a bigger house on a farm that in time became their own animal sanctuary.

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig is a very sweet and heartwarming domestic comedy that beautifully describes all the mischiefs and experiences Esther had gone through until present day. It’s about love and her two dads adoring her despite her size and naughtiness. The illustrations are beautiful, the storyline is funny, and the language in which is written is perfect for boys and girls up to 9 years old.

You can make your kid’s experience even more awesome by showing him or her the real Esther either on their website or on social media. She’s very popular so just type her name and you’ll easily find her.

Code-it Cody

Code-it Cody is another children’s book we love from CleverTykes that will familiarize your kid with coding, problem-solving and creative skills. The main topic of this book is very important considering the age we live in, so stuffing it in your kids’ Christmas stocking this year can be of a great importance for your children’s future.

Cody is an enthusiastic boy with a real passion for technology. When he gets stuck with a problem that he can’t solve, he goes to find help. That is when Cody meets the mysterious character Mr 

Chip. With his help, Cody gets introduced to the computer club where he meets three kids who share his interests in computers. He becomes friends with them and together they all learn about tech, computers, and game making.

Soon after, our main character decides to make a computer game, so that he can participate in the computer club competition. But before he starts to work on the project, Cody researches as much as he can so he can create the best game in the competition. He then meets a girl named Hana, who already has created an amazing game. Will Cody be disappointed or get motivated to do better? Will he create an even better game and win the competition?

Code-it Cody is a book that tells a story about an essential and valuable skill that is needed in this modern world. It’s amusing and satisfying to be read and re-read, and in our opinion, there are good chances that Code-it Cody will become your kids’ favorite Christmas gift.

5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) (National Geographic Kids)

If you’re not exactly sure what book will delight your kid the most, we have a great one to recommend.

The 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) is a National Geographic kid’s book, perfect for children up to 9 years old and beyond. It’s about all kinds of subjects like science, animals, history, toys, and so much more written in a simple and engaging style. Your kid will be fascinated to learn many interesting facts about chocolate, events from history, dogs, robots, and a lot more, so be prepared to keep hearing “Mum/dad did you know that…?” many, many times.

With its vibrant illustrations and beautiful photography, this is certainly an educational eye candy, a great choice for a stocking stuffer.

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