The Best Gifts for Toddlers

The most awesome gifts for toddlers that they will absolutely love

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Toddlers are a whirlwind of fun. Everything they do is full of excitement and happiness, and the world is full of wonder for them. There are seemingly thousands upon thousands of gifts to get a little toddler, but finding the best gifts for toddlers can be confusing!

Through the many, many (many) toys and gifts out there, only a few will be really meaningful. As fun-loving and exciting as toddlers are, they need stimulation, they need entertainment and they need the opportunity to explore and learn.

Finding gifts for toddlers that cover all these bases is tough, but there are some really great options out there. Don’t waste your money buying useless toys that will be forgotten or broken in a day, rather buy them something that will give them endless hours of fun and learning.

Here are the best gifts for toddlers:

ProductPhotoPriceFeaturesOur Ratings
Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set
$Plastic eggs with different colors and matching shapes.

Ubetoone Aqua Magic Mat
$$Mess free art mat that only needs water to make beautiful creations

Wooden Deluxe Fire Station$$$$A wooden fire station play set with all the toys to complete it

Back Bay Play Kids Sand and Water Table
$$$$Dual sand and water table with protective umbrella, great for outdoor play
Angeles SilverRider$$$$$$Awesome red tricycle with a trailer to carry around toys
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Toddler Room Set
$$$$$A full themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle room set
Mountains Roads Play Activity Learning Center $$$$A mountain, waterfall themed play table with 120 accessories
LEGO DUPLO Deluxe Box$$$$Toddler sized blocks used to create anything a toddler can dream up
Pull Back Vehicles for Toddlers$$$12 set of pull back cars

Kids Binoculars$Toddler friendly binoculars for the nature lover
8-pack Washable Dot Markers$Dot markers that are easy to clean and come with activity sheets
Purewill Inflatable Bumper Ball$$$$Inflatable ball that can be climbed inside and rolled around
Baseball Training automatic betting $$$$Automatic baseball launcher and bat to keep toddlers entertained
National Geographic Play Sand$The kinetic sand is mess free and comes with 6 molds
KidKraft Lil' Symphony Guitar$$A wooden, string guitar perfect for toddlers

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

This fun, brightly colored toy set will keep any toddler entertained and learning for ages. The 12 eggs in a carton have been designed to help toddlers learn to count, sort and match. Every egg has a different color on the inside with corresponding pegs and holes. A great gift that will help them both be entertained and learn at the same time. They are also made from a sturdy plastic that is safe for kids and the eggs can be packed away neatly in the carton once playtime is finished.

Ubetoone Aqua Magic Mat

The coolest coloring mat around! Completely mess free – the kids only need the markers filled with water in order to create beautiful pictures.They can play alone or as a group – simply wait for the water to dry and the mat is clear again. No more paint stains and melted crayons, this is the answer to every toddler art problem at home!

Wooden Deluxe Fire Station

Any little hero would love this play station. It is a large, wooden open structure that is big enough for group play. It comes set with 22 pieces of furniture and has 27 pieces in total. The whole piece measures 30 x 17.5 x 25 inches. Toddlers can start exploring different role playing games and even bring their own toys to use in the station. Helicopter landing, basketball hoops for a break and a fire truck – everything a proper, working fire station needs!

Back Bay Play Kids Sand and Water Table 

For the summer months this is the perfect gift. Get the toddler exploring textures and play with this dual sand and water table. A bench on either side means that it is perfect for group play, and the umbrella keeps them out of the harmful sun. Both sides – water and sand – have drain plugs for easy clean up, and the set comes with removable lids that keep contents clean and dry.

Angeles SilverRider

How cool is this? Any little toddler will feel like the coolest kid on the block riding around on their new tricycle. The fire-red color just adds to its awesomeness and the carry trailer in the back lets them take all their toys around with them for a ride. The tricycle is completely safe and the pedals help them learn all movements for riding a bike one day. The handlebars are easy to use, perfect for a little toddler. This is the ultimate bike for the smaller kids starting out their biking adventures, or looking for a ride on the beach.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Toddler Room Set

There really is nothing quite as cool as a Ninja Turtle room! Any little boy or girl will be absolutely in love with this room set, and if you are having a problem getting them to sleep in their own bed – this might be the solution. The set comes with a TMNT bed, duvet, sheeting, pillow cases, TMNT bookcase, toy box and storage containers. It gives moms and dads all the tools they need to give their child a fun, clean room.

Mountains Roads Play Activity Learning Center

Toddlers can gather around this activity table and play among mountainsides and waterfalls. The train set drives by all the natural attractions. The generously spaced table has everything kids need for a fun, interactive playtime. There are an additional 120 durable pieces that are brightly colored and kid-proof. It really does offer toddlers the most imaginative, creative play time.


95 pieces of incredible imaginative play. This Duplo set is the perfect size for little toddlers, and there really isn’t much else that can create hours of fun and creativity than Lego Duplo. The set can be built upon with other matching sets, and then eventually normal sized Lego can join the collection. The set comes with various accessories, such as a wagon wheel, doors and windows. The carry box makes for easy play and easy clean.

Pull Back Vehicles for Toddlers

Every kid loves playing with cars, and these pull back cars are perfect for little ones. What is even better is that there are 12 cars to play with! All different models and colors, your little one can spend hours exploring and creating roads and trails with the jeep or cruising through indoor paths in the little sports cars. If one goes missing, simply hand them another one from the set!

Kids Binoculars

Nothing sparks a love and interest in nature than being able to watch it live. Get the little explorer excited about the outdoors with a kiddies set of binoculars. They are easy to use and effective for first timers. Binoculars built for small bodies. Use them for nature watching, sporting events or counting stars.

8-pack Washable Dot Markers

These are just so great for little toddlers. The dot markers are non-toxic, non-leaking and non-spilling in different colors. Included with the markers are  dot-painting pages and 3 pdf art books to print. The markers fit perfectly into little hands and lets them explore creativity and colors.

Purewill Inflatable Bumper Ball

This is just fun for the whole family! Buy two and have bouncy wars! The ball is inflated and you enter inside and strap yourself in. There is a wide variety of games that can be played with this ball. There will more than likely be tons of laughs as well!

Baseball Training automatic betting exerciser 

Baseball is one of the most loved sports around. This baseball set lets your little one practice outside on their own with the balls being launched to them. Get them really into the game with this starter baseball kit. It will keep them outdoors and entertained for ages.

National Geographic Play Sand

Nat Geo have this special sensory sand that is just so great for toddlers. It encourages STEM play while just being so much fun. The kinetic sand sticks to itself and not your kiddies, so there is hardly any mess. They can mold, shape and squeeze the sand. The set comes with 6 molds that can build so many different things.

KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Guitar

Every kid loves some music, so why not give them the opportunity to create their own! Developing music skills can be so beneficial for kids, and this guitar offers this opportunity. Made out of wood and with 6 strings, it is perfect for them.

There you have the best gifts for toddlers on the market. Toys that offer durability, creativity and education!

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