The Best Playmobil Toys for Kids

All the best Playmobil Toys to choose from

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Playmobil toys offer kids good, clean, imaginative fun. Created by German toy makers, Playmobil sets come in many different themes, shapes and sizes. There are endless sets to choose from, and there are definitely sets for every little boy and girl out there.

Let their imagination run wild. They can build up castles, hospitals or zoos. All sets come with unique settings and figurines and can even be used to create their very own stop-motion films.

There is no limit to what kids can achieve and imagine when playing with these Playmobil toy sets. They also double up as great gifts, and there are so many options available that they can even be collected.

Why not buy your child their first set, and watch them spend hours creating new scenes, stories and tales with their very own set. However, as there are so many different options available, here is a short list of our favorite Playmobil toy sets available.

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesRating
PLAYMOBIL® Large City Zoo$$Lions, penguins and visitors are included in this city zoo set
PLAYMOBIL® Playground Set$An outdoor playground set with one adult and four children figurines, including all playground equipment
PLAYMOBIL® Aquarium Building Set$$$An immersive aquarium with performing seals and a feeding time clock
PLAYMOBIL® Family Camping Trip$$Everything you need for camping is thrown in to this kit for your child to enjoy at home
PLAYMOBIL® Private Jet
$This add on set comes with a private jet, two passengers and a pilot to fly them to any destination imaginable
PLAYMOBIL® Fairy Garden Play Box$$A magical set that will be enjoyed by any fairy lover - it even has a unicorn!
PLAYMOBIL Take Along Pirate Stronghold$$A fold-and-go set that can be taken to any seas for a piratey adventure
PLAYMOBIL® Adventure Tree House$$$Wild as a set can be, this tree house and its inhabitants are surrounded by all types of wildlife
PLAYMOBIL® Rescue Ladder Unit$A fire truck with actual lights and sound - your child will love the role play as one of the bravest firemen out there
PLAYMOBIL Take Along Modern Doll House$$$A pack up and go full family set, including two pet dogs!
PLAYMOBIL® Add-On Series - Mammoth with Calf$$An adult and baby mammoth add-on for any Playmobil set
PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Ecto-1
$$$Fight and trap ghosts while speeding around in the Ecto-1 with original lights and sounds
PLAYMOBIL Hawk Knights' Castle$$$A castle to defend with knights and secret trap doors.
PLAYMOBIL Berk$$$The Berk stronghold from How To Train Your Dragon includes viking leader Stoick and his son HIccup.
PLAYMOBIL® How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup & Toothless$$The perfect add on to the Berk stronghold. Hiccup and Toothless are ready for action.
PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge Building Set$$$A ski holiday with all needed equipment, and some hot cocoa!
PLAYMOBIL® Winter Sports Trio Building Set$Three figures, a snowboard and tube make more fun at the ski resort
PLAYMOBIL Skier with Poles Building Set$The cool matching figure that will take the ski holiday to the next level
PLAYMOBIL Extreme Sports Carry Case$$A carry case with a skater, bike and ramp for some extreme sport fun on the go
PLAYMOBIL® NHL Hockey Arena$$$The NHL arena with four players that can shoot the puck across the rink
PLAYMOBIL NHL Shootout Carry Case$A carry case where two players can turns shooting the puk at the goalie
PLAYMOBIL NHL Rivalry Series - BOS vs NYR$Have a playoff with two rival teams!
PLAYMOBIL® My Secret Royal Palace Play Box Building Set$$A princess who has interchangeable dresses and skirts lives in this wonderland castle
PLAYMOBIL Roman Chariot$A Roman chariot, warrior and horses defend against any enemies
PLAYMOBIL Vet Visit Carry Case$Two dogs and a cat are under the vets care in this convenient carry case.
PLAYMOBIL Pharaoh's Pyramid$$$A mummy hidden in a tomb and a secret room filled with treasure await in this Pharaoh's pyramid.
PLAYMOBIL Family Picnic Carry Case
$Take the family out for a picnic with the stroller and tricycle.

PLAYMOBIL® Large City Zoo

Seriously, who doesn’t love the zoo? Your little one can take a trip the the zoo – while playing in their room. The set comes with seven figures – two adult lions, one little cub, two adult penguins, four baby penguins and some zoo visitors. There are enclosures, zoo-attractions and a souvenir shop included. It really is just like a day at the zoo. The recommended age for the set is 4-10 years.

PLAYMOBIL® Playground Set

The Playground Set is a great first set choice. It is one of the smaller sets at 92 pieces, but still offers endless fun and imaginative play. There is so much outdoor fun to be had with the slides, swings and jungle gym. All figures included can bend, sit, stand and even turn their heads. One adult, four children, a kite, park bench, sand toys and a cooler give that real outdoor playground picnic feel and might even be your saving grace on a rainy day! This set is best enjoyed by ages 5-10 years.

PLAYMOBIL® Aquarium Building Set

Sets like these make you wish you were a kid again. Who wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon creating awesome aquarium scenes with beautiful blue tones and interesting sea life to go with it. A visitors bridge stands over the tank where the figures can stand and watch a seal balance a ball on his nose or a sea lion jump through a hoop. There is a rotating carousel that showcases other small sea creatures. The set includes three human figures, three seals, fish and sea creatures, a bucket with fish, coral, recycle bins, feeding clock and many other interesting things. The set is for ages 4 years and up.

PLAYMOBIL® Family Camping Trip

Imagine being able to go camping, without having to actually go camping. Well, there is an easy way out. The Playmobil Family Camping Trip set is what you need to buy for your kid! It includes three figurines, a cat, clothes hanger and pins, towels, canned food, cups and plates, a lantern, pots and pans, a hot plate, a cooler, a folding table and chairs and even a pop up tent! Everything a family needs to go camping – but on a mini scale that will keep your little one entertained. The set has been created to suit ages 4-10 years old, and is a great way to get your child excited about the outdoors.

PLAYMOBIL® Private Jet

Smaller than usual Playmobil toy sets, but it can fly your child’s imagination all over the world. Let them play traveler with this private jet and fly passengers around to exotic destinations, fighting turbulence and fussy flyers. There is seating for guests and a pilot figure to sit in the cockpit. The two guests can relax as the wheels fold up for takeoff, and they even come with luggage, briefcases and cups. This 41 piece set for 4-10 year old’s is a great addition to an already existing Playmobil collection.

PLAYMOBIL® Fairy Garden Play Box

This will be the absolute favorite of any little princess around! It is everything pretty and magical mixed together in this enchanting set. The set comes with one adult fairy, one child fairy, a mystical unicorn, a wand, leaf chair, flower tables, lutes and many other fairy accessories. It is the closest thing to being a fairy that you can get – and what little child wouldn’t want that? It is a fairly small set at 92 pieces, and is best enjoyed by children 4 years and up.

PLAYMOBIL Take Along Pirate Stronghold

So this is where things get really  cool – here you have a Playmobil toy set that can actually fold up and be taken anywhere. Talk about convenience! Your child will soon be talking like a pirate when playing with this stronghold. The set is a secret haven that has toys secured in place, ready to be transported. The two pirates come accompanied by a cannon, pirate flag, a map and even a little rat. It is everything the pirate explorer could hope for, and more! Kids 4 years and up will have great stories to tell when playing with this 102 piece set.

PLAYMOBIL® Adventure Tree House

An outdoor/animal lovers dream set! To start, the Adventure Tree House set comes with two figures, a tree house, grass base, bears, foxes, an owl, a bald eagle, geese, a bird in a nest, rock caves, fish, a fishing pole, a snake, a walkie talkie, a computer, supply boxes and much, much more. It is an adventure waiting to happen, and so many stories waiting to unfold. Imagination can run absolutely wild with this explorers wonderland. Ages 4-10 will fall in love with how close to nature this set is.

PLAYMOBIL® Rescue Ladder Unit

The best types of heroes are the everyday heroes. Firefighters are some of the bravest heroes out there, so it seems fitting to encourage our children to look up to them and enjoy role play as them as well. This set comes equipped with a fire truck, a ladder, 2 figures, a hose, a fire extinguisher and what is great is that the truck even has working lights and sounds. From 4 years and up, your child will be whizzing around the house making daring rescues with this rescue ladder unit, and building an appreciation for the men and women who tirelessly and bravely risk their lives each day to keep us safe. Note that it is a small set with only 13 pieces.

PLAYMOBIL Take Along Modern Doll House

Another fold up and go set, except on a larger scale. This full modern doll house is sure to keep your little one entertained for absolutely ages. It comes with a take along case which has an easy yet secure latch system. Among the house-hold amenities and features, it comes with three family figures, two dogs, a baby bottle and high chair. What a great gift to give for a birthday or Christmas! For ages 4-10, the set will offer a great chance for them to explore family life – and how to keep a house tidy!

PLAYMOBIL® Add-On Series – Mammoth with Calf

So this isn’t a conventional Playmobil toy set. It is an add on set that includes a parent mammoth and a baby mammoth. What better way to build your child’s collection with these two fascinating figures. Help them find an interest in our earths history and the creatures that have walked these lands before. The add-on sets do not come in colorful, exciting packaging but really do make a difference to an existing set. They also work well as an extra gift or a stocking filler.

There surely can’t be anyone that doesn’t absolutely love Ghostbusters, can there? And this is why this set is Editors Choice! There is nothing quite like a classic, especially one that has made such a successful comeback. This female Ghostbusters set comes with the Ecto-1 with a detachable roof as well as the original sounds and functioning lights, and includes figures and all their gear. When purchasing this set you also get 4 free episodes of The Real Ghostbusters for the whole family to enjoy! For kids aged 6 years and up (with an awesome taste in movies!).

PLAYMOBIL Hawk Knights’ Castle

Take a step back in time with the special edition Playmobil Knights set. Keep all unwanted looters and attackers out of the Hawks Castle with the knights and horses on guard. Inside the castle you will find secret staircases, trap doors and treasure hiding places. There is a prison cage for any enemies to be thrown into as well! Best suited to ages 4-10.


From one of the best kids films, this How To Train Your Dragon Berk stronghold will be an absolute hit! The two-story fortress keeps out all unwanted guests and dragons. Stoick, the viking leader looks out in defense and Hiccup is ready with his flaming sword. The set has a functioning torch and viking statue which light up with 3 x AAA batteries. The 145 piece set is made for children 4-12 years.

PLAYMOBIL® How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup & Toothless

PLAYMOBIL® How to Train Your Dragon Hiccup & Toothless

This Hiccup and Toothless set is the perfect addition to the Berk stronghold. Toothless has illuminating back spikes and has a saddle that Hiccup fits into perfectly. Help defend the town with this iconic duo.

PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge Building Set

Kids can escape to the snowy mountains with this fun-filled icy set. A warm breakfast is on offer on the patio before one of the five included figures set off for a day skiing. Also included are skis, tables, chairs, firewood, shovels, lounge chairs, snowman and many other accessories. It is a mini-holiday away for kids 4 years and up.

PLAYMOBIL® Winter Sports Trio Building Set

Have more friends around the ski resort with this add-on Family Fun pack. Three figures, more skis, a tube, snowboard and other accessories make the holiday so much more fun!

PLAYMOBIL Skier with Poles Building Set

Every holiday needs that cool bearded guy – so this figure is just great! He can bend, sit, stand and turn his head.Complete with matching skis and poles, he will shred the mountain all holiday long!

PLAYMOBIL Extreme Sports Carry Case

Which kid doesn’t like a little extreme sport here and there. Luckily they can experience it safely with this convenient and awesome carry case. A skater, ramp, mountain bike, hat, helmet and more can all be stored and carried away in the handy carry case – ready for action anywhere. The carry case set best suits children 4 years and older.


Playmobil really went over and above when the created the NHL Hockey Arena set. The four NHL figures have movable arms to play hockey with an included hockey stick. The puck can be fired down the rink at the goals. The goalie can be controlled by a movable joystick and all players can be customized.  Any NHL lover will go mad for this set.

PLAYMOBIL NHL Shootout Carry Case

If the NHL arena set is a little to big, this shoot-out carry case is the next best thing. Two players take turns shooting at the goalie with the special shooting mechanism. A net and puck complete the shootout action. The set can also be combined with other NHL play sets.

PLAYMOBIL NHL Rivalry Series – BOS vs NYR

To make things interesting, why not have a playoff with the Boston Bruins and the New York Rangers. Add the players to the NHL arena for some serious hockey action. Figures can bend, sit, move their heads and have jersey numbers and matching decal. Other rival combos are CHI vs DET and MTL vs TOR.

PLAYMOBIL® My Secret Royal Palace Play Box Building Set

Every princesses dream play set! The set includes two figures, interchangeable dresses and skirt, throne, a side table, a hat, a crown, parasol, kittens and much more. It is a princess wonderland and has everything needed to make any little kid feel like pure royalty. Ages 4-10 will perfectly suit this.

PLAYMOBIL Roman Chariot

This 24 piece set will hurl your child back in history to ancient Roman times. The Roman soldier rides around in his decorated chariot, pulled by two fearless horses. A Roman sword is ready to be used in combat and his wheel spikes are there for any attackers daring to come too close.

PLAYMOBIL Vet Visit Carry Case

At some point in the childhood, every kid wants to be a vet. Let them explore this passion with this Vet Visit Carry Case. A vet, two dogs, one cat, and exam table with a lamp, stethoscope, medical tools, feeding bottles, medicine and much much more make this the perfect play toy for animal lovers. Best used by kids aged 4 years and up.

PLAYMOBIL Pharaoh’s Pyramid

Ancient Egypt awaits your youngster with this Pharaoh’s Pyramid set. Discover five chambers which keep secret treasures hidden and are protected by puzzles and secret traps. There is a room fill of jewels and treasures, and a tomb with a mummy. The revolving door hides some skeletons and spiders and the set comes with many fun accessories for the little explorer.

A family day out with a carry case picnic set. A blanket, food, toys, tricycle, stroller and family figures make this carry and go set perfect for the little outdoor lover. Combine the family picnic set with other Playmobil toys.

There you have our favorite Playmobil toy sets to choose from. There really are so many options out there, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Why not encourage your child to start a Playmobil collection, and they can even save up and buy their own sets by doing chores and helping out around the house.
The sets really encourage imaginative play, as well as helping with motor skills and role-playing.

You will be able to find a set to suit every child and every interest, all you have to do is look!

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