The Best Portable Swimming Pools for Summer

Get the kids splashing in the best portable pools this summer

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Can you feel it… The nights are getting shorter and the days are getting warmer – Summer is here! Time to get looking at portable pools to spoil your family with.

If you are dreaming of the days outdoors in the sun, splashing around with the kids and just enjoying the warmth on your skin, then we have exactly what you need. Spend your summer outside in a new, fun pool. The kids will love being able to cool down and have some splashing fun.

Portable pools are really ideal for many families. Instead of having a permanent pool to maintain, simply set up or blow up the portable pool whenever the weather is good. They don’t take nearly as much water as a permanent pool and don’t need as much attention either. Just drain the water when the fun is over, clean and store until the next sunny day.

There are different factors to consider when buying portable pools, size of your family, age of your kids etc. However, here is a list of the best portable pools on the market that covers each need:

ProductPhotoPriceFeaturesOur Ratings
Intex Square Baby Pool - Pink
$Small inflatable pool that is comfortable for a little baby while still being durable

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides
$$$$$2 slides lead to a lagoon pool

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool$$A shade cover protects sensitive skin from harsh summer rays

Intex Dinoland Play Center
$$$A dino spray arch will spray a cool water stream at kids
Intex Swim Center Family Lounge $$$Family pool includes two cup holders and four built in seats
Intex Dinosaur Play Center
$$$Water can be sprayed from attached palm tree and waterfall
Yoego portable baby beach swimming pool $$A pop up pool that can be used on the beach, suited for babies
Intex Fantasy Castle Inflatable Play Center$$A castle pool with water-spraying dragon
Banzai Inflatable Wave Crasher Surf Water Slide$$$A Wave Crasher slide leads into a small splash pool, inflatable body board included

KLEEGER Baby Pool Splash Mat$The chair keeps baby upright while being able to splash around in the small amount of water
Intex Sandy Shark Spray Pool$$Water can be sprayed out of the sharks tail into the small pool area
TKLEEGER Baby Wading Kiddie Pool$$Spraying water and 3D floating fish keep kids entertained
Summer Waves Inflatable Sand Castle Play Center$$$A pool with a bouncy sand castle attached, connected by a slide

Intex Square Baby Pool 

Intex Square Baby Pool - Pink
This is the perfect pool if you have a little one who wants to join in the summer fun. The Intex Baby Pool is made with 10 gauge vinyl with a soft inflatable floor, making it super comfortable for baby but still being strong and durable. The dimensions are 8.9×2.4x.8.1 inches, so the perfect size for a baby.

Comes in pink or green
Soft inflatable floor
Small enough for a baby


Cannot be used by older children
Will need to be replaced when baby grows

Okay so we agree, this is a little bit extreme – but how cool is it! Your children will go absolutely mad playing in this all summer and your house will be the envy of the whole neighborhood. Kids can splash and play in their own private lagoon and slide down one of two slides.

2 built in slids
Comes with a blower
Deflates to a rolled sleeping bag size


Takes up a lot of space
Can take a while to assemble
Very expensive

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

This quaint, colorful pool is perfect for the smaller ones in your family. The shade cover will protect them from the harsh rays and the pool is small enough to be safe for them. There is a drain plug to make for easy packing up. Intex have also included a repair patch because kids will be kids!


Shade cover to protect against sun
Built in drain
Comes with a repair patch


Small pool
For younger kids only

Don’t you wish you had something like this when you were younger? It is a little explorers wonderland! The Dino Arch water spray can be attached to a hose in order to continuously spray water at the kids. The soft slide and landing pad are both fun and safe for kids to enjoy. It is a colorful, adventurous pool for little ones to spend the day in.

Dino Arch water spray
Soft slide


It is a smaller pool
For younger kids only

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge 

The perfect family pool. 90”x90”x26”, this pool has enough space to fit everyone in. It comes with four built in seats and even two drink holders. The 10 gauge seats add to the pools durability and comfort, and just in case there is a repair patch included. The whole family can all enjoy a day out in the sun, lounging and playing in this pool.


Four built in seats
Two cup holders
Comfortable and durable


Not very deep
Can take time to inflate

Another Dino pool – this time water is sprayed down from the attached palm tree while water trickles down from the waterfall. The slide flows down to a soft landing mat, ensuring that it is soft and safe for smaller kids. The pool has a drain plug so it is easy enough to empty and pack away. As with other Intex pools, there is a repair patch included in case of any tears or scratches on the pool.

Colorful and fun
Water spraying palm tree and waterfall
Comfortable and safe for little ones


It is a smaller pool
Can take time to inflate

Yoego portable baby beach swimming pool

A little different to the conventional blow up pool, this baby friendly pool can be carried around in a bag and popped into shape when needed.The pool is perfect for use on the beach, where the pool can be sunk into the sand to give it shape. It allows your baby enough space to move around and splash, but is small enough to be safe. It comes included with a beach spade and rake, and even a sharky net.


Small and compact to carry
Easy to assemble and fold
Can be used at the beach


It is a smaller pool
Only caters for babies

Intex Fantasy Castle Inflatable Play Center

Your kids can slide into their very own castle, equipped with a friendly dragon and even shield and lance! A hose can be plugged into the dragon and he will spray water all over the pool. The imaginary play is so much fun for the kids and they can do it all while soaking in the sweet rays of the sun.


Dragon that sprays water
Soft but durable material
Slide leads to small pool


It is a smaller pool

Banzai Inflatable Wave Crasher Surf Water Slide

How awesome is this – a pool and surf-slider all in one! Your kids will spend ages outside playing on this water crasher slide. The sliding ramp leads into a small splash pool that will break their speed. The Wave Crasher Water Slide comes with an inflatable body board that makes the perfect sliding action.


Wave crasher slide leads to pool
Comes with and inflatable body board


The wave pool is quite small
Only one child can slide at a time

KLEEGER Baby Pool Splash Mat

This splash mat is every moms dream for their baby in those hot summer months. You won’t have to be leaning in to keep baby upright in a normal blow up pool. This mat comes with a built in baby seat that keeps baby upright while still being in the water. There is just the right amount of water for them to splash around in for sensory play and it comes with three inflatable rings to stack. It is a safe option for your baby this summer.


Built in seat to keep baby upright
Comes with and inflatable stacking rings


The pool can only be used by a baby
Only one baby can use the splash mat at a time

Intex Sandy Shark Spray Pool

This is a pool for the kids brave enough to swim with the sharks – or at least that is what they can pretend to be doing! This sharky pool can be attached to the hose pipe to spray water out of the sharks tail, adding a bit of excitement to usual swimming time. It is safe and durable material, making it perfectly comfortable for kids and reliable for parents.


Water can be sprayed out of sharks tail
Comfortable and safe material


The pool is fairly small

KLEEGER Baby Wading Kiddie Pool

This is the step up from the baby splash pool. Able to accommodate more than one child at a time, this splash pool is for kids that can sit on their own, but aren’t quite ready for a big pool yet. The sprayers keep kids cool while adding some fun to the pool and the water filled sides give it a soft and protective frame. There are floating 3D fish that are brightly colored to keep little ones entertained.


Water sprayed out of the sides
Water filled sides offer a safe and soft frame
Brightly colored 3D fish float around the pool


The pool is fairly small and suited for smaller kids

Summer Waves Inflatable Sand Castle Play Center

If the kids love to play together, then this is the pool for them. One can bounce around on the inflated sand castle while the other wades in the pool. They can take turns on the connected slide and bounce and splash together all day. There is even a water sprayer to keep them coo!


Water sprayed out of the sides
A bouncy sand castle leads to pool


The pool is quite small

So there you have the most fun, colorful and family-friendly pools ready to keep you and the kids entertained all summer long! They are easy to assemble, easy to put away and most importantly super fun!

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