Top 10 Booster Seats for Your Child

From high-back to no back we review them all

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Has your child hit the magical numbers of 4 years old and 40 pounds? Are you ready to make the switch from a front-facing car seat to a booster seat? If you are chances are you are overwhelmed by all of the choices. No matter where you look there seems to be hundreds of booster seats to choose from and they all claim to be the best. With the sheer number of choices, how are you supposed to pick the best one for your child?

Tips for Buying a Booster Seat

Don’t rush the switch, even if your child has hit the magical age and weight nothing says you have to move them into a booster seat. Many child restraint seats have higher weight limits; some go up as far as 80 pounds.  Weight, height, and age all need to play a factor in determining if your child is ready for a booster seat.

High-back or no back booster

Two basic styles of booster seats are available high-back and no back. One of the advantages to the high-back booster seat is it comes with a headrest and does a better job at positioning the shoulder belt due to belt routing guides. Backless booster seats are often cheaper in price and offer better lap belt placement than high-back booster seats. If opting for a backless booster seat find one that comes with a clip to help keep the shoulder belt in place.

Ensure it fits

You want to test out the booster seat to make sure it fits your child correctly. Many stores allow you to test out the floor models, so don’t be afraid to ask. You need to find a booster seat that allows the lap belt to go across the upper-thigh not your child’s abdomen. Shoulder belts should sit snugly across the middle of the shoulder. The shoulder belt should not be up by the neck nor should it be falling off the shoulder or tucked back behind the arm.

Consider the price

The price doesn’t really mean much in terms of how safe the booster seat can keep your child. Never assume that the pricier booster seats will protect your child more than an inexpensive one. Never make a decision on price alone, always look at the features the booster seat offers and if it fits your child properly when making your final decision.

Presenting the Top 10 Booster Seats for Kids

ProductPhotoPriceFeaturesOur Ratings
Britax Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat$$$$Lots of safety features, click tight installation system, 9 position harness and 2 position buckle, multiple recline options

Evenflo Amp Performance No Back Booster Car Seat$Comfortable on long car rides, cup holders, easy cleaning, holds up to 120 pounds

Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat$$Portable, easy to use, simple design, comfortable, fits up to 100 pounds

Britax Pioneer Combination Harness-2-Booster
$$$$Numerous safety features, LATCH system, 2-in-1 design, easy to use and install
Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat$$$Fits up to 120 pounds, portable, 2-in-1 design, one-handed height adjustment, cup holders
Britax Parkway SGL G1.1 Belt-Positioning Booster Seat**EDITOR'S CHOICE**$$$well-known car seat manufacturer, safety features, cup holders, secure guard clip, LATCH connection
Evenflo Big Kid Lx High Back Booster Car Seat $$$Activity lights, 2-in-1 design, one-handed height adjustment, machine washable pad, cup holders
Cosco – Highback 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat$$Machine washable, two different modes, holds up to 80 pounds, cup holder, safety belt guides

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster
$$$Dual cup holders, dual impact protection, LATCH attachment, Machine washable pad and armrest covers, Ergoboost double foam padding

mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat$$Compact and portable design, small and safe, folds up for storage

Britax Frontier Clicktight Combination

For those of you that are looking for the safest booster seat in the market look no further than the Britax Frontier Clicktight Combination. With the Britax Frontier Clicktight Combination, your child is protected with SafeCell Impact Protection. The energy absorbing shell also offers quick-adjust head protection to protect your child in the worst crashes. Once your child outgrows the harness you can switch over to Booster Mode. The color-coded belt guides will show you exactly how to use your car seat belts with Booster Mode. The LATCH system is easy to use and offers confirmation it is correctly installed with an audible click.

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