Top Kids Erector Sets

Find the best erector sets to keep your kid busy

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Erector sets are the best toys to keep little engineering minds busy. They offer the stimulation that kids need to help grow their problem-solving skills and also build their analytical thinking.

Erector sets are built up of lots of little pieces that fit together in a certain way to ultimately create a masterpiece at the end. While these may seem a little challenging to us, our kids are more than capable of tackling the task at hand and will really enjoy the challenge.

Whether your kids love puzzles, building things or even if they are having a hard time focusing on other tasks, an erector set will keep them busy, entertained and learning all at once.

It is important to make sure you are buying a good erector set that caters to your child’s age. Too easy and it will be boring, too difficult and it will put them off. A good erector set has pieces that fit together easily and securely, and handy instructions to go along with it.

Here are some of the best erector sets for kids:

Product NameImagePriceFeaturesRating
Erector by Meccano, 4x4 Off-Road Truck$$Battery operated motor Roadster that can be built in five different ways
K’NEX 100 Model Building Set - Editors Choice!$$$863 piece K'NEX set that allows for ultimate creativity and freedom when building
Erector Multi Model 10 Model Set$$$$High quality 190 piece metal Erector set that can be constructed in various ways
Steel Works Mechanical Multi Model Set$$300 piece metal set that can be built into 10 different mechanical models.
Classic Series Cranes/Windmill$$270 pieces of polished German steel that can create 3 different cranes and windmills
Meccano - Meccasaur
$$$Programmable T-Rex robot that responds to questions and protects it builder
Erector Empire State Building set$$$The 961 piece sets builds the famous Empire State Building, and can be used with other Erector Sets
Meccano Super Construction Set
$$$Build 25 construction vehicles, one of which being a motorized crane
Skoolzy Educational Preschool Building Toys
$$Erector set for younger kids that screw together easily

Erector by Meccano, 4×4 Off-Road Truck

The Meccano Off-Road truck set is really one for the boys. The Roadster is just one set but can be built in five different ways. Their imagination can run wild while experimenting with the different builds. The set comes with a set of tools and real metal bolts, nuts, and wheels. Once it is built, the pullback mechanism allows it to drive away. It needs batteries for the electrical motor and is for kids aged 8 and up.


Comes with handy tools
Real metal nuts and bolts
Can be built five different ways


Needs batteries (not included)
For kids 8 and up

K’NEX 100 Model Building Set



Editors Choice!

This 863 classic piece set includes all K’NEX rods and connectors. Every piece can be connected in a different way. Your child can explore endless building opportunities and they can create unique structures, shapes, and figures. The pieces fit together wonderfully and can be taken apart easily as well. The models that are created can actually move around while connected. This adds even more fun to the pieces that are built! Pack it all away in the convenient storage box when playtime is over.


863 pieces
Handy storage box
Pieces can move when fit together


Ages 7-12 years
Older kids may need more

Erector Multi Model 10 Model Set

This Erector set comes with actual metal parts. There are various movement abilities and plenty of creative engineering to be had. Racers, bikes, helicopters, planes and many more other models can be made using this set. It has 190 pieces and can build one model at a time. It is one of the best quality sets around and has a detailed construction manual to help facilitate building.


Different models can be built
High quality metal pieces
Detailed instruction manual


Only 190 pieces
More expensive  than other sets

Steel Works Mechanical Multi Model Set

The 300 piece set can be constructed into countless mechanical figures and the end products can be played with like normal push toys. There are 10 models to be made that are included in the construction manual and each have a unique movement feature.


10 different models can be built
300 pieces
Detailed instruction manual


Not for younger children

Classic Series Cranes/Windmill

Unique engineering at its finest. Give your kid something a little different and help them create their own construction cranes and windmills with this set. There are 3 Eitech models to be built and all the pieces are durable, polished German steel. There are over 270 pieces in the set and there is an easy to read instruction manual as well.


3 different models can be built
270 pieces of polished German steel
Easy to follow instruction manual


Not for younger children

Meccano – Meccasaur

This will definitely be one of your kids favorites. Build a T-Rex with the erector pieces, and watch it transform into a programmable robot that actually interacts. It will respond to petting, stomps around and can even answer yes or no questions. Meccasaur will roar at any attackers and at 3 feet long he can be quite scary! The Meccasaur is best suited to kids aged ten and up.


Programmable T-Rex robot
712 pieces
Meccasaur interacts when switched on


Only for children ten and up
Needs batteries (not included)

Erector Empire State Building set

Budding architects will just adore this. 961 pieces will create the famous Empire state building. It comes with all the tools needed for construction and the special components help finish it off to be a real collectors piece. Simply add it to other Erector sets when your kid no longer wants to use it as is.


Build the Empire State Building
961 pieces
Compatible with other Erector sets


Only for children eight and up
Can only build the Empire State Building

Meccano Super Construction Set


Young builders will love this set. Just this one set can create up to 25 construction vehicles! The crane model can be motorized and used like a real life construction crane. The rotary body and extendable hook really give it the extra bit of fun. Inside the set are 640 pieces, including a 6V motor and a carry case with storage compartments, 2 tools and a detail instruction sheet.


25 different construction vehicles to build
640 pieces
Motorized crane


Only for children eight and up

Skoolzy Educational Preschool Building Toys

Something for  the younger builders. This plastic set is perfect for a budding engineer, who isn’t quite ready to head over to the bigger sets yet. It comes with 97 pieces that screw in and fit together. The shapes allow kids to build 2D and 3D shapes, catering to wherever their imagination may take  them.


Erector set for younger kids
Plastic and safe
Pieces screw together easily


Only 97 pieces
Not for older kids

Keep the kids busy the right way. Stimulate their puzzle building and problem-solving skills with an age-appropriate erector set. Let them build anything they can think of and have them experiment with the motorized parts if that is what they enjoy.

Erector sets are the best, most stimulating way to keep little builders entertained.

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